New Emerging Green Careers In India: All You Need To Know

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Post the COVID-19 recovery, most countries are shifting focus on creating a clean and green economy. Investment in the green economy is creating new green jobs for the future for millions of job seekers worldwide. 

Green jobs are fast becoming one of the best paying jobs in India. Before we delve deeper into this subject, let us first understand the term green economy? A green economy refers to an economy that focuses on producing goods and services that benefits the environment. In simpler terms, it means cleaner ways of doing things. 

Why Green Jobs?

Besides boosting the economy and invigorating the workforce, green jobs help to-

  • Minimize waste and pollution

  • Improve energy and raw material efficiency

  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions

  • Protect and restore the ecosystem

  • Support adaptation to the effects of climate change

Top Emerging Green Jobs in India 

#1. Urban Planner

If you're passionate about wanting to improve the well-being of people by designing cities, towns or villages, then you must consider a career in Urban Planning and Management. 

Urban planners work closely with government or private enterprises. They are responsible for executing new developmental plans, accommodating population growth and revitalizing physical facilities. Urban Planning is one of the top emerging jobs in India.

What do urban planners do?

-Design and plan towns and cities for sustainable residential development

-Administer government plans affecting land use

-Gather data and frame policies to reduce the ill effect of climate change on our environment

-Suggest ways to cut down carbon emissions in our homes and businesses, thereby improving energy efficiency

-Review of recommended plans submitted by developers.


Why become an urban planner?

If you are devoted to making lives better for people, urban planning is your career. With more and more people living in the urban areas, urban planners' work is all around us. From increasing people's well-being to reducing carbon emissions, an urban planner can impact people's lives now and for many years to come. It is also one of the emerging job sectors in India. 

#2. Urban Farming

Urban farming is one of the top emerging job fields for city dwellers. It involves growing food on rooftops, galleries or green spaces within city dwellings. 

Fruits and vegetables are grown to sell in the marketplaces at a more reasonable rate, creating income generation and small business growth. Microgreens and edible mushrooms are famous examples of urban farming.

Different types of urban farming:

-Vertical farms

-Green walls

-Rooftop gardens



-Urban Beekeeping

-Backyard Gardens

Why become an urban farmer?

As an urban farmer, besides providing delicious organic veggies and fruits, you can help provide your community with fresh air by restricting the use of harmful pesticides. Apart from this, Urban farming is economically beneficial, offers social, cultural and nutritional advantages to the community and has numerous environmental benefits. It is also considered one of the best careers for the future. 

#3. Food Scientist

If you love everything about food, be it getting involved in the production, packaging, processing and making sure the food is safe for human consumption, becoming a food scientist can be a good career option. 

From conducting experiments to creating new food-related products, a food scientist's job is fascinating. As a food scientist, you can work with various industries such as wineries, bakeries, flavour houses, food packaging companies, food research laboratories etc. 

What does a food scientist do?

-Conducts experiments regarding improvements to sustainability and productivity of farming practices, farm animals, and field crops.

-Create new food-related products and develop improved processing measures for packaging and delivering the goods.

-Study the soil composition to understand plant growth and make subsequent improvements. 

-Collaborating and communicating research to the scientific community and manufacturers of food. 

Why become a food scientist?

Post the COVID-19 outbreak, apart from being mindful of what people are eating, they are equally concerned about its source, quality, nutrition, convenience, and cost. The food processing industry is one of the top emerging companies in India. It is growing tremendously to fulfil consumers' nutritional needs and queries. A food scientist's job is becoming very vast and versatile. Becoming a Food Scientist can be a good career choice for the younger generation. 

#4. Conservation Scientist

Conservation Scientists are responsible for managing the land quality of parks, forests and other natural habitats and maximizing their use with minimal environmental damage. 

These professionals work with all levels of government to improve habitat restoration and protection. This career is for someone who loves both science and forestry.

What does a conservation scientist do?

-Deal with habitat protection and manage conservation.

-Act as advisors for managers in agriculture.

-Monitor land that has been clear cut, ensuring it can be used in the future. 

-Determine and understand the quality of soil, especially after the damage has occurred due to logging and natural disasters like fires. 

Why become a conservation scientist?

If you are passionate about 'conserving' whatever is left of our natural resources, this is the ideal career choice. The demand for conservation scientists and foresters is rising with the continued need for wildlife prevention. It is one of the top emerging job fields to watch out for. 

#5. Chief Sustainability Officer

With development and industrialization, the pollution levels are also increasing. To minimize the curb, more and more companies are looking for corporate champions who can suggest working in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

Chief Sustainability Officer can be one of the most lucrative career options for the younger generation. It is also one of the highest-paid jobs in India in the science field. 

What does a chief sustainability officer do?

-Their primary role is to support companies to work in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

-They develop programs and oversee their implementation amongst the employees of the companies. 

-CSOs also assess different aspects of the program and its effectiveness. 

-They are responsible for cutting down energy costs and reducing carbon emissions by adopting sustainable practices at workplaces.

Why become a chief sustainability officer?

We need clean air, natural resources, and a non-toxic environment to have a thriving, healthy community. A Chief Sustainability Officer is responsible for improving people's lives by making our surroundings better. As a CSO, one can aid in changing the world and our planet for the better.   

#6. Environmental Lawyer

Environmental lawyers work with the government as well as private law firms. They advise clients on air and water quality, hazardous waste and sustainability. Environmental lawyers play an essential role in creating policies and developing awareness of environmental issues. It is one of the top jobs in India currently. 

A few of the roles of an environmental lawyer are-

-Provides counselling to clients suggesting strategies to save energy.

-Drafting legal documents and presenting the same in court regarding cases related to environmental issues

-Play a critical role in shaping environmental law and policies.

#7. Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry emits around 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. With the rising pollution, people are becoming more and more conscious of their buying decisions. 

A new breed of socially aware citizens is now moving towards organic and eco-friendly fashion. 

When it comes to choosing sustainable fashion as a career, there are many opportunities available. Be it a green fashion designer or a stylist, a sustainable sourcing manager, a textile chemist, or a product sustainability specialist, the sustainable fashion industry is growing at a tremendous rate.

Why choose a career in sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. With the growing sense of 'responsible fashion", more and more people are slowly moving towards eco- fashion. There are a lot of big brands in the making who are slowly adapting slow fashion and going completely eco-friendly. 

Keeping this trend in mind choosing a career in sustainable fashion will help one create their own unique identity. Considering the present trend and obsession of people with sustainable fashion, this is one of the new emerging careers in India and indeed looks promising. 

#8. Hydrologist

Hydrologists are experts who suggest ways of conserving water and water resources in environmental or commercial settings. They are scientists who research the ways water moves throughout the earth's crust and help other scientists preserve and clean up the environment.

What does a Hydrologist do?

-They closely work with local, state and federal bodies on water resource issues. 

-They are responsible for maintaining and installing water properties. 

-They collect soil and water samples to look deeply at specific properties, including the pollution levels and ph. 

-Hydrologists are also required to collaborate with engineers, public officials and scientists.

Why choose a career in hydrology?

Hydrologists provide innovative solutions to water-related issues. Hydrology is one of the top jobs in India. 

#9. Green Architect

Now that the world is focussing more on sustainability, the demand for green designers is rising. It can be rightly considered one of the top career fields for the next ten years. 

Right from architects to landscapers to urban planners, the career choices for green designers are bright. Green designers are helping people design homes that are attractive and environmentally friendly.

Green Designers have the opportunity to become a part of the creative force that combines their expertise and knowledge while also implementing the best sustainability practices. This is again one of the most stable careers and is in demand across the globe.

What does a green architect do?

-Designing buildings by choosing eco-friendly materials which are environmentally friendly.

-Install solar panels, rainwater harvesting and toilet composting in their design. 

Why become a green architect?

Green architects benefit people's health by adopting sustainable practices that contribute to their overall happiness. From adopting organic and natural materials to ergonomic designs, green designers are helping people lead a better life. 

Which sustainable top emerging jobs excite you the most? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to join the Glow & Lovely Career Community on SHEROES to stay updated on all the emerging career trends. You can even chat with a career coach and get free online career guidance and counselling.


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