10 Online Vocational Courses After 10th To Launch A Career Or Business

Published on 16 Feb 2022 . 1 min read

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Are you interested in the top vocational courses after the 10th? This after-10th courses list will help you find the best vocational courses and vocational training.

Today vocational skills and vocational education are very much in demand, as degrees are losing their charm and the demand for online education is growing rapidly.

Vocational education programs are part of post-secondary education, meaning the educational courses taken after high-school or SSC.

In India, we have always had access to vocational training institutes and diploma courses after 10th standard, especially for students from underprivileged backgrounds who lacked the means to complete their education.

For example, the Industrial Training Institutes offers ITI courses after 10th for students who want to go to a trade school and learn certain job-oriented technical and non-technical skills.

However, since the pandemic disrupted the field of education, online courses have become more popular, offering more avenues of learning and new fields of specialization to students from all backgrounds.

Top 10 Online Vocational Training Courses After 10th

This vocational courses list of courses after 10th standard will help you learn vocational skills and get a certificate to find a job without spending large sums on your vocational education.

#1. Programming Basics from IIT Bombay

Even kids are learning to code nowadays and all you need to start learning computer programming is a good knowledge of high school mathematics and some exposure to pre-calculus.

In the online Programming Basics course from IITBombayX, you’ll earn basic computer programming skills, starting with the notion of an algorithm. You’ll also master the art of writing C/C++ programs with an emphasis on developing the ability to write programs to solve practical computational problems.

By the end of this course, you will have learned basic programming skills, good programming practises and how to handle large and complex programs.

This online programming course is free to take, but if you want a verified certificate to show to an employer, you can get it for just USD 149 (around 11k INR), which is much less than you’ll pay for an engineering degree.

#2. Paramedical Courses After 10th

Are you interested in becoming an assistant in an operation theatre, pathology laboratory, ophthalmic, dental care, psychology, or nursing care, or work as a technician in the fields of Radiology, CT scans, ECG, MRI, Dialysis etc?

There are many paramedical diploma courses after 10th standard that will help you find an entry-level job in the medical and health care industry, such as a lab technician course after 10th.  

Most of these paramedical diploma courses are in-person courses, but you can also do some online healthcare courses to learn more about this field, so you can decide if you’re cut out for it.

These online healthcare courses span a variety of disciplines like nursing, dentistry, nutrition, pharmacy, social care, psychology, healthcare management and more.

#3. Online English Writing Courses

With the growth of remote work, good written communication skills are now an essential soft skill for all professionals in the workplace.

Becoming a professional writer does not require any educational qualifications, but it does require excellent written communication skills in English or vernacular languages.

Content creation, blogging, and content writing services are very lucrative skills to have as they are in great demand by companies looking for website content writing services.

You can do free online essay writing courses and become a professional essay writer and help school and college students with their homework. As a website content writer, you can earn money from home with just your writing skills.

In order to start a writing career, you can also do online courses in academic and business writing and leverage your expertise as a writer to get into online journalism and public relations careers.

#4. Learn Soft Skills For Beauty Careers

If you want to get into the field of beauty or cosmetology, it is advisable to do an in-person beautician course from a reputed institute.

However, to polish your soft skills in dealing with clients you can also do a number of online courses for beauty and wellness like this free Assistant Beauty Therapist - Introductory Course.

This course covers the basic tasks that a beautician is expected to perform on a daily basis with a focus on language and communication using beauty treatments as a background.

You can also do a number of online soft skills courses to learn spoken English language and pronunciation skills, social etiquette skills, grooming, and interview skills that will be useful in any aspect of your beauty business or career.

#5. Online Graphic Design Courses

There is an increasing demand for graphic design professionals today, but you don’t need a degree to become a freelance graphic designer. These online graphic design courses from NIIT will help you learn all about graphic design for free, and start a lucrative graphic design career.

You can get started with this free Introduction to Computer Graphics online course. This vocational course will give you an introduction to the concepts of computer graphics, an overview of interactive computer graphics, two dimensional system and mapping, the most important drawing algorithm, two-dimensional transformation, Clipping, filling and an introduction to 3-D graphics.

Follow it up with this free Computer Graphics course that will give you an overview of computer graphics, including applications and software, graphics devices, input devices, active and passive graphics devices, display technologies, storage tube graphics displays, and calligraphic refresh graphics displays.

#6. Online Fashion Design Courses

Want to enter the world of fashion design? Maybe become a fashion designer and start your own business designing customised clothes for clients at home? You don’t need an expensive design degree to do that.

This online vocational course in Fashion Design Illustrations will introduce you to some awe-inspiring fashion design illustrations, colour-pencil blending techniques and tutorials to help you launch your fashion designing business.

#7. Online Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is one of the online jobs students can excel at. In fact, since students are digital natives, they are now teaching older people how to become social media influencers.

There are many online universities and courses where you can learn digital marketing without fees, and you can start with this list of free digital marketing courses.

While, you don’t need a 12th certificate or a degree to learn digital marketing, you can get a certificate in marketing to add to your resume. This Introduction to Marketing course will help you earn a certificate with award-winning teaching from the Sauder School of Business’s marketing faculty.

While this course will help you learn the core concepts of marketing free, such as market research, brand strategy, pricing, integrated marketing communication, social media strategy, and more, you need to pay USD 150 to get a certificate you can display on your LinkedIn profile and resume.

#8. Online Data Analytics Courses

Data analysts and data scientists are in great demand as the world generates ever more data that needs to be analysed for business purposes.

You may need a degree to get a high-paying job in data analytics, but if you just want an online course to learn data analytics skills, you can do it with this free Introduction to Data Analytics course.

This free online vocational course will help you learn how to handle huge databases, introduce you to basic data science techniques, and utilise data analytic tools for data mining and decision making.

#9. Online Stock Trading Courses

Although getting a job in stock trading requires higher education, if you want to start stock trading or have a family business in stock trading, you can do a number of online courses to make sense of the stock market as a beginner.

Before you invest money, it’s good to consider expanding your basic knowledge on how the stock market works. The Trading - Fundamentals of Technical Analysis online course will help you understand the theory of technical analysis and how it relates to fundamental analysis and investor psychology.

You will learn how to apply technical analysis as a standalone trading methodology or as a supplement to fundamental analysis using tools that are based on price action and other technical principles.

#10. Online Courses For Entrepreneurs

There are some essential skills you will need if you want to become an entrepreneur, such as learning to read a balance sheet, managing cash flow, using online tools to keep accounts and more.

These free online vocational courses will help you in growing your business or career.

  • Accounting Essentials

This free accounting course will teach you the foundational accounting skills needed to achieve success in business. You’ll learn the principles of accounting, basic financial statements, income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

You will also learn how to read and interpret your financial information to make informed business decisions. You need no prior knowledge of accounting to learn these concepts as they are explained clearly along with activities that will help you practice your skills and improve your confidence.

  • Learn PowerPoint Skills

This MSO PowerPoint 2010 course will help you learn how to plan efficient presentations by using the unique features, themes, colours, slides and layouts of MSO PowerPoint 2010 to master the art of creating attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentations

  • Learn Microsoft Excel Skills

This MSO Excel 2010 course will teach you the basic concepts of Microsoft Excel 2010 with the tools and techniques required to operate this widely-used spreadsheet application to create detailed worksheets, charts and other financial sheets quickly and effectively, and improve business efficiency.

As remote education becomes more popular and the future of work goes remote, it will become ever more important for everyone to start learning new skills to stay competitive in the workplace of the future.

Whether you want to do a diploma after 10th or just find a vocational course to help you launch your career or grow your business, this vocational courses list has a number of vocational subjects to help start your vocational education and training.

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