Meet the Sheroes - Yogini Deshpande

Published on 6 Feb 2015 . 3 min read

A civil engineer with a dream to build infrastructure at optimum costs, that’s what best describes Yogini Deshpande. She has qualifications from reputed Universities and runs her own engineering solutions and infrastructure development unit. Civil engineering is an art in itself, and a much required one! Without a well trained lot of civil engineers, no city’s infrastructure would be in place.

Let’s hear some of Yogini’s thoughts today,

What is your Business all About?

I have a PhD in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and I run a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting company that provides designs and engineering solutions for infrastructure development. We provide initial feasibility surveys, third party quality control services and design development in key areas of foundation and structural analysis for a structure.

How did your first job help you grow professionally?

My first job taught me the discipline and meticulousness required for maintaining quality control in the field of civil engineering. I learnt on the job the meaning of the well known phrase "devil is in the detail".  

What inspired you to enter this present field of work you are in?

Civil engineering requires the skills to blend art, affordability and build ability. Dwellings and transportability are the basic requirement of any civilisation and the desire to provide the same to society at an optimum cost was one of the main reasons for me to be in this field.

What are the changing trends you see in working women today?

 Women are learning to leverage their confidence in their professional skills and leadership skills to succeed in uncharted territories. Earlier women didn't have much voice and support at work or at home but now these attitudes are changing. 

What are the top 3 things to keep in mind to succeed professionally?

1. To succeed professionally develop contacts within your field as well as in other fields. Nurture them. Ask questions to your seniors and peers. Learn from their stories. Always have an open mind and appreciate every experience for what it teaches you. 

2. Do not get dejected by rejection or failures- which may be promotion in the firm or loss of a lucrative contract or just complete close down of a venture. There is nothing wrong in feeling low for a little while but DO get up to learn and re-jig your system. Try again. Always try to look at the positives in a failure. 

3. To succeed professionally family matters. Talk to your family, negotiate, keep an open mind and help them understand your professional passion so that you can succeed.


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