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Luxury Fashion Designer Luxury Fashion Designer

Vijayta started working at the age of 13 and launched her Media and Entertainment company ‘Vijayta Entertainment’ at the age of 18. She has recently Presented (& Co-distributed) her First Film ‘Mai’ which marked the Acting Debut of Legendary Singer Asha Bhosle . Vijayta is passionate about fashion and this led to the birth of ‘DVAR’ She talks about her venture and journey with SHEROES- 

What made you start at the age of 13?

Urge to Do Something Meaningful and not waste my Time "Chilling in Coffee Shops" as that was the new culture then and all my friends were doing that; The Cafe Culture had just started and the Youth Loves things new!

I have Plenty of Dreams, Ideas and Plans and to think of it I feel how will I do them all in One Life; that Thought remains consistent!

Also, somewhere down the line it was trying to be treated as a Son and not a Daughter, (Though being a Daughter and doing this makes my Parents really proud) and trying to Work and be taken seriously and have a say in things at Home and beyond, there are a lot of influences to credit to my Early Start!

What was the idea behind starting Vijayta entertainment?

 My father is from the Film Industry so I started by assisting him. We had our differences of opinion and both of us were headstrong and so I thought of doing something on my own and since I was very good at Planning and Communications, I started a Youth Event Co. at the age of 15 called Team Purple and after doing 6-8 Big Events targeted at Colleges, I Floated my Own Co. Vijayta Entertainment for Films and Film Events at the age of 17 and later Vijayta Entertainment took the shape of a Full Fledged Film Marketing and Promotions Co. and we have done some 40 Films to date.

What next for you and Vijayta entertainment?

Vijayta Entertainment is working on a few under wrap films now but Currently my focus is on ‘DVAR’ – a Luxury Multi-Designer Fashion House launched a month back with my partner Parth Sanghavi. We have some renowned & celebrated names like Gauri-Nainika, Dolly J, Arpita Mehta, GopiVaid , the newer brigade of superstar designers like Aarti Vijuy Gupta & Sidhartha Tytler besides many more. The essence of DVAR lies in creating a melting pot of designs and products, that appeal to various tastes and palates and create a luxurious shopping experience for women of all ages. SO far the start has been great and we have huge plans to make it bigger.

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Message to SHEROES out there.

Firstly I Like the Word ' SHEROES '; Its very Chic, Cool and makes a Bold Statement!

I think you guys are doing great by offering opportunities to women at every stage; also its a great platform to enhance entrepreneurial connect for women.  

I Believe in Equality and Thus have never felt an Advantage or Disadvantage of being a Women in the Media & Entertainment Industry or now in the Fashion World. Women are Equal or More, not less. Proud to be a 'SHERO.’

SHEROES - lives and stories of women we are and we want to be. Connecting the dots. Moving the needle. Also world's largest community of women, based out of India. Meet us at @SHEROESIndia

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