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Published on 27 Nov 2014 . 4 min read

Vimala Rajkumari recently started Soul I M a women's community aimed towards bringing in a revolution to living a holistic lifestyle. She also started Vsual Brewery, she tells more about herself here -

Tell us more about yourself.

Born a Virgo, can't help but being a perfectionist. The God is in details for me, I notice and appreciate the little nuances that separate great work from the regular and strive to achieve the best in whatever I do. I graduated from college at a time when the television industry in India was just booming and grabbed the opportunity to be trained by the best in the industry. I learnt the finer nuances of television programming from news to lifestyle. But over the years I have been able to notice the gap between functional programming and one that delights. Today I create Work that reaches out to the viewer, holds their attention and incites a positive response. I helm Vsual Brewery.

An English Hons Graduate from Miranda House I’ve been creating audio-visuals since 1995. In 2012 when I came back after my sabbatical I was convinced I want to set up my organization and wished I had a Management Degree. God answered my prayers and I was selected to be part of the Goldman Sachs 10k Women Program and got to learn a lot about management in the Certificate in Leadership and Management Program designed by ISB and conducted by BIMTECH. I have also been part of the Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Program, I’ve just finished one session and have signed up for a second session this time. Life is a Learning Process and you should never stop Learning is my Mantra.

In my career of almost 2 decades I've been privileged to work on some of the best ground breaking TV productions out of India having worked with Channel V, Miditech, NDTV to name a few. In 2003 I quit regular job to start my own work and since then have been producing and directing corporate films and social documentaries. But I was only picking up select projects as I had my 1st son in 2004. I took a sabbatical in 2007 when I got pregnant with my second son. But my soul is happiest when I am creating films and it kept yearning to do something meaningful with my experience in telling stories and sharing information through the audio-visual medium. So in Oct 2012 I came back to start Vsual Brewery and I was pretty sure I wanted to run an organization and use the audio-visual medium to bring about Elevated Awareness in key issues of our lives. With the blessing of the Almighty my comeback was pretty heartwarming. I bagged some great projects and all of which that resonated well with me.

How did Soul I M come about?

Working on projects for clients is great, it provides us our bread and butter, but me and my husband wanted to do something meaningful, something where we could contribute to the society and hence was born Soul I M. In today’s world, to be on top in the rat race we forget to slow down and listen to our inner self that leaves us unhappy and hungry for peace. Parents are so busy pushing their children to lead their dreams that they forget their child was meant for something else. Soul I M has been conceived with the sole intention of bringing about awareness amongst us to listen to our inner self and live in harmony with ourselves that leads to harmony with the community and with nature. Nurture people around us to give them the Freedom to Grow. We have tied up with experts from different fields from Yoga, Health and Nutrition, Parenting to Vaastu and Feng Shui besides Arts and Crafts to put together content and help women lead a Holistic Lifestyle. We also feature inspirational women from different walks of life so we could share and learn from experiences.

How has your journey been so far?

The journey with Soul I M has just begun and we hope to get as much support as we can from friends, family and well-wishers to bring about the Change.

What is a Holistic Lifestyle for you?

A holistic lifestyle to me means finding peace within myself, living in harmony with my surroundings and Nature. Nurture people around me and give them the Freedom to grow.

A balanced life doesn’t necessarily mean all the spheres of our life are in perfect balance at once but rather that attention is given to those areas that are most important in that moment and that we allow those priorities to naturally shift.

A message to all SHEROES out there.

If you have a Dream and it resonates with you Inner Voice, Follow It.

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