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Published on 12 Dec 2014 . 3 min read

An engineer by profession and a designer at heart, it’s probably safe to sum up today’s SHERO this way. She started ‘Wearable’ - an innovative initiative that focuses on creating unique gift items to the corporate world.

Let’s hear her side of the story and learn a thing or two!

What line of business are you currently in? 

We are in the business of Customised Corporate Merchandising. ‘Weareable’ is a merchandise studio where we ideate, design and craft merchandise items for corporate platforms. 

We dig deep to understand core merchandise needs and to be able to craft the most suitable product within a desired budget. 

‘Wearable’ is a year old initiative of an IITian and MICAn to bring satisfaction on the face of giver and happiness on the face of receiver. Our aim is to break the myth that corporate merchandise cannot be thoughtful, relevant and interesting.

How did you begin your career and what did your first job teach you?

I am an engineer by profession. My first job was as a Software Engineer with one of the leading Software Company’s - Cognizant Technology Solutions at Kolkata. My first job taught me that you can learn something from everyone you come across - no matter their designations or to which social or economical class they belong to. It’s just that you have to keep your eyes open. 

In your field of work, what advice would you give fellow women for them to succeed?

It is a difficult task to establish relationships with corporates. But it is more difficult to handle the back-end platform: the vendors, labourers and the production guys. Being a woman, sometimes you face more difficulty because people take you for granted. It is important to learn how to manage various people in your line of work.

How do you see your business in the next 5 years? 

In next 5 years, we aim to see clients from various industries on board. We want ‘Wearable’ to be synonyms of creative customised corporate merchandise. We want to create something different and interesting yet economical and sensible as gifting items for employees, clients or stakeholders.

What are the top three things it takes to be a woman entrepreneur or to succeed in your line of work?

Being a woman and a mom and an entrepreneur, you should have your priorities very clear: You need to plan how much time are you going to devote for your work and how much for your family. 

Never make false commitments.

Keep it simple: Don't complicate things. Everyone is different and everyone is a winner in their own fields.

Where are you from and where are you presently based?

I am from Jaipur but I have not been in one city for very long. After my schooling, I did my graduation from IIT-BHU, then took up my first job at Kolkata as a software engineer. I pursued an MBA from MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad) and then took up a job at ABP News, Noida. Currently I live at Delhi, running my own venture – Wearable.

What are the top 3 common mistakes women make in the business world?

Having a short term vision; trying to make everyone happy and ignoring them!

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