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Meet Ratna Vira, an author and a corporate honcho. Ratna juggles her corporate career with her writing and love of art. She lives in Gurgaon, where she is at work on her third novel. She has previously worked at the CXO level in multinational and leading Indian corporates.

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Ratna holds a masters degree from the London School of Economics in political science, and a masters in English literature from St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. She also holds an MBA. She is the daughter of senior journalist, Nalini Singh and SPN Singh.

Ratna has spoken at leading universities, international business schools, corporate occasions and been part of several panels.

Read on for more on her story:

I believe everyone has a story to tell, and that there comes a time when you just get down and write it--or else, it never gets done. I reached the point where it all came together. The success of my first book encouraged me to write another, and now I am working on my third and have an idea for the fourth.

I have a successful corporate career and have worked with some of the best companies, rising to be Head of Department. Today, things have changed and women straddle different worlds successfully.

In the next couple of months, I have a full calendar of speaking assignments in India and abroad.

In my books, I hold up a mirror to society. I write in a different voice, taking up issues that we tend not to talk about--be it bullying in schools and emotional abuse in families, or the extent to which a family can go to write off their daughter.

Holding my second book, It's Not About You, in my hands was amazing. Seeing the Hindi translation of my first book, Daughter By Court Order, was another such moment. There have been moments in my life when I have been grateful to God for being where I was. Entering St Stephen's College, my first day at LSE, holding my kids in my arms when they were born ... these have been the moments that I draw strength from and am inspired by. Seeing my books in print are such moments too.

I’m often asked why I began writing late. But the point I want to make is that creativity has no age and no expiry date. One should not put pressure on oneself saying that you should do something at a particular age or stage in life. When the time is right, it all comes together.

Where do I see myself in a few years? In a good place! I think I will continue to write. But I want to also see my children step out in the coming years and achieve success, and for me to be by their side.

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