In Love With Writing? These Are Your Career Options!

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Got a flair for writing with a love for reading and a superb command over the language? Then you are writer material. Writing is an evergreen art and good writers will always be admired and cherished by the society.

These days, many Indian women writers with great writing skills are making their presence known in their own writing domains. Read through the major writing domains which a writer can opt for to know which one is cut out for you.

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Career As A News and Feature Writer

Are you journalism material? You might be if you have a keen awareness as to what goes around you. To find out, you may take the aptitude test of journalism or apply for courses in prestigious institutes of the country offering courses in journalism and mass communication.

To be a journalist you need to have photography skills, besides reporting and writing skills as well as documentation and presentation skills. Journalism courses these days include training on computer-based software for creating a perfect feature copy. As a journalist, you can apply for jobs with reputed newspapers and magazines.

You may also choose to be a desk journalist instead of a field journalist and write out features and articles on the news brought to you by the field reporters. If you have an analytical skill, then you may also write analytical reports. Writers with sufficient experience can also write for the editorial column.

Journalism is an exciting career opportunity that pays quite well.

Career As A Blogger

Blogging is all about tips and suggestions for your blog readers. Blogs also have rich audiovisual content, informative content, reviews and recent updates. In fact, blogs can have everything which the blogger likes to write about and her readers would like to read about. Besides great writing skills, good blog writers have deep knowledge about what they write and they continuously offer reading material which enriches their readers.

Many woman bloggers have created their own WordPress blog portals or they write for blogs and portals of other people and groups. If you like being a blogger, then you can write about all topics or on specific topics. Several women bloggers have chosen specific blogs to write for in which they have expertise.

Women with technological background and technical writing skills may choose to write on technology blogs. Technology blogs have a great readership as readers are always searching for product information, concepts, mode of operation, troubleshooting and myriad other technical advice. Likewise, women may also choose to write for travel, fashion, beauty, food and a host of other blogs.

The great thing about blogging is that it can be done from home, part time or full time. Blogging provides decent incomes too.

content writing jobs

Career as a Content Writer

These days content writing jobs can be spotted in most job advertisements. Today content writers are in much demand as all organizations, institutions and companies now have an online presence and they need people who can write for their online portal and manage it in a dynamic way.

If you are interested in joining any firm as a content writer, then you may think of taking up a content writing course. After undergoing a content writing course you will not only be equipped with writing skills befitting online content writing, but also with other aspects of website content including graphics and picture content, audiovisual content, SEO optimization, content management, content marketing, website development, website layout, website design, website editing, website planning, website linkages and all other aspects that go into creation of a dynamic website.

You may also learn website programming skills that will balustrade your website management skills.

Content writers can expect a starting salary of Rs 15 to 25 K per month which can soon escalate to Rs 40 to 50 K with experience.

Career as a Resumé Writer

If you are interested in the presentation of people profiles, you may join a job portal or HR company as a resume writer. Resume writing requires dedicated time and efforts, and that is why busy professionals like to get their resumes crafted by professional resume writers. Resume writers not only need to have professional writing skills but updated knowledge regarding the job industries.

Career as a Story Writer

Maybe you have a mind that can weave stories. Social setups, news articles, people and events may activate the story writing thread in your brain. Don’t lose that thread. Write as soon as you set upon an idea as the more you write, the more easy writing becomes and you become more prolific day by day. Pick up story ideas and threads from story idea generating websites and write on them. The more you write, the more confident you become.

Can story writing courses make a writer of somebody? Whether or not but it can certainly polish the rough edges and germinate the already present seeds of writing by providing that necessary trigger.

People interested in story writing generally show interest in writing stories in their adolescence or childhood years, although there are also several well-known writers who were bitten by the writing bug at a much later stage in life. People in different professions have been known to suddenly start turning out marvellous works of fiction.

Story writers can choose to write short stories, novels and books. Writers should preserve the copyrights of their stories and make sure that publishers respect writers’ copyrights. Several story writers may also choose to self-publish their works through the popular self-publishing websites. Many self-published books and works of fiction have gained popularity in recent times.

Story writing may not offer a steady income. Publishers may or may not offer a starting sum. It starts more as a hobby and interest. Stories and works of fiction which gain readership become popular and may even start paying quantum sums for the authors in the form of lifetime bonuses and royalties.

content writing jobs

Career as a Script Writer

Story writers can be scriptwriters and vice versa, but there are subtle differences between story and script writing. Scriptwriting can be for television programs, movies, radio programs, stage shows and can pay highly if liked by the producers.

Scriptwriters may write a script on their own story ideas or on the idea of others, after seeking author permission. Scriptwriters can also work with the author to develop an interesting script. Besides a story, scriptwriting involves dialogue writing, linguistic pattern inclusions, background descriptions, character sketching and several other aspects that make the story come out as live and vibrant.

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