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An advertising professional since 2003 and an INSEAD grad, Rashmi is the co-founder of RedEye Media (a full service ad agency that caters to the education category) and the Founder & CEO of DMTI (a Digital Marketing Training Institute). She specializes in creating & executing marketing strategies for the Education category. Here is our interview with Rashmi-  

How can one pursue a career in digital media marketing?

The Digital Media industry is an exciting one. Digital spends are growing year on year creating a huge demand for trained digital marketing professionals. One of the best ways to enter the industry is to enroll into a good training program, learn, network & join the industry. The other option is to join the industry and learn on the job.

Does one need any specific qualifications?

There are no specific qualifications that are required to join the industry as long as one is willing to learn & adapt on the go.

What does the DMTI PGPDM course cover?

The Post Graduate Program in Digital Media Marketing by DMTI is a comprehensive one year, full time program that covers all aspects of digital media marketing. It is designed for people who are new to the industry. The program includes a six months internship so that participants get hands-on training as well.

Are there any challenges one might face in digital marketing?

Change is the only constant – especially in the digital media industry. Keeping up with the changing trends is a challenge that one needs to address constantly. But this is also what makes the industry exciting & keeps it fresh!

What are the companies hiring digital media marketers?

The Internet has invaded our lives everywhere. As users we are all hooked to the digital medium. Brands have followed suit. A large portion of their spends go to the digital medium. The media and advertising industry has the most number of vacancies for digital marketers. But there are openings for digital marketers across all industries and sectors.

How is digital marketing a good option for women after a career-break? How?

Digital Marketing is an excellent option for women after a career-break due to several reasons:

a) The requirement for trained digital marketers is much higher than the availability leaving huge gaps for trained manpower

b) With training / experience, one can join the industry very easily. 


DMTI is currently providing returning professionals scholarships

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