#MeettheSHEROES Harshita Dawar- the single mother in pursuit of her dreams

Published on 14 Sep 2020 . 1 min read

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Harshita is an allrounder single mom, a Youtuber, singer and poet who continues to pursue her dreams. Being a single mom is not an obstacle as she continues to create more and more paths for herself. The Digital world is full of mysteries is one such place that offers many ways. It’s like a fantasy game that can give you a lifeline when your battery is low. Harshita Dawar, like any other person, was just scrolling through her phone when she came across SHEROES. The name left a strong impression on her, urging her to download the app.

The reason why Harshita feels strongly about the community members and friends she made in SHEROES is because of the warmth and support she received. She recalls that the system of Badges made her create her first-ever “quote” post on the app.

From there to one day sharing her life-journey and struggles with everyone, Harshita has found trust and comradery among her fellow #SHETRIBES. During one of the contests called #womenwarriors, she opened up how her husband mistreated and left her.

What makes her a Warrior? It is the zest for life that she carries forward. Harshita’s presence in the community can be felt as a happy-go-lucky person. She’s always there for new members, sharing her poetry and expressing herself freely.

She’s a strong independent single mother who didn’t let others decide the course for her life. She took charge and built her own future with her daughter. Despite all the pain, she went through, her daughter was her one big motivation.

The Bonds

Harshita said “Whenever I would visit court my old wounds would bleed again at the slightest provocation. Pain has its own noble joy when it starts a strong consciousness of life. God gave us the pain to remind us we are alive, so we will learn to value the joy. My daughter knows the details of my life, this has made my bond with my daughter stronger. As mother and daughter, we connected with one another.”

If we were to define Harshita then it will be her Jazzbaat for life that she has been sharing on SHEROES. From writing her first quote to now being a Published Author, Harshita has not left any stone unturned. She has been awarded for her participation by both national as well as international enterprises. After all, It’s not our pain that defines us but our will to keep moving forward and never giving up.



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