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Published on 27 Jan 2015 . 4 min read

Children are the basis of society and they hold the key to our future! Gurleen Kaur, today’s SHERO identified how our present education system does not fill the gap when it comes to the present day thoughts and concerns of parents and sometimes children too. The world is rapidly changing; we see new trends every day.

Gurleen identified this widening lacuna and decided to do something about it, hence came about the Skills for Life Foundation -

Let’s see what the Foundation does for the development of young children and young adults and let’s hear her story,

What line of work are you in?

We are in the field of Leadership & Life Skills education for Young people in the age group 3-25 years.

This is an education other than academics a must for every child in today’s world. The objective is to empower them to be more effective in dealing with their everyday life situations.

What inspired you to enter this field?

While I was heading Presidium, a senior secondary school, I observed that there are many concerns that our children, teachers and parents face today and they are seeking interventions to deal with the rapid transition in our society, especially the way equations are changing in the lives of children.Our generation learnt Life skills by living in close knit families, being a part of the old world social fabric, observing and following certain values and principles. Today the world is changing radically.

The concerns with which I was approached by the students or their parents were very different.

Children today are seeking solutions to the subjects that we as schools do not teach. So I identified it is more than just the academics that is required by them and I started to impart Life Skills modules - teaching them the relevant skills they need in their life. Over a period of time we could see the profound change in children especially with respect to their behavior, their relationships, and their attitude on the whole went through a shift. Above all Children were seen to be much more powerful and in control of their lives. The transformations that I witnessed were more than an inspiration to me. They gave me a new purpose of my Life

This is how Skills for Life Foundation came into existence in the year 2009.

What do you think Indian women lack in the professional world?

I think women today are doing a fantastic job.

Women have a power which if put to use can put any dream into existence. We just need to be aware of that power. Never before have the women in our Indian society been so supported, this leaves us with a more reasons to trust ourselves.

All we as women need is to be self- assured and notlook for external approval. I am a firm believer of the fact that Women do not lack anything. If at all there could be something it would be the non- realization of their true potential.

What advice would you give young women careerists?

Find a purpose in whatever you want to pursue, you will soon find your passion too and that is what is really necessary for you to shine.

Look for your hidden Talent, Believe in your abilities, always tell yourself that you can be better than anybody out there and strive for it. Trust that the world out there is waiting for someone like you come forward and make a difference. That’s all that you will need to believe thatthere is nothing stopping you.

What does it take to be successful in your field?

In my field particularly, you need a strong commitment and Belief to make things change in children’s lives. You are talking about attitudinal changes in children so you need to be motivated enough to make it happen.

Gurleen Kaur - SHEROES
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