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6 May 2015 . 3 min read

Meet the SHEROES - Garima Satija

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Garima Satija started Poshvine in 2011, this exclusive venture enables a traveller to look for and book from a range of off-the-beaten travel or dining experiences. If you are tired of the mundane and are yearning for an unforgettable and distinct experience, Poshvine is where you should probably look! 

Let's hear the story behind Poshvine today and see what Garima wants to share with us today!

How did the idea of Poshvine come about?
PoshVine started as our own need to discover unique foodie experiences in leisure time. We started in 2011, as an online destination to discover and book dining experiences, and eventually included other categories too. We started by aggregating premium restaurants and experimental chefs willing to create unique activities, and then enabled individuals and companies to create experiential packages directly on our site. While India has been our focus market, we also cater to travellers and brands across 6 other countries.  Today we curate about unique 5000 activities and experiences for customers. 

What other services / products do you hope to offer in the future besides unique travel experiences?
Recently, we have adopted a B2B2C approach in business, where we work with large clients such as HDFC Bank, Citibank, Axis Bank, Jaguar etc and manage their experiential engagement for Affluent customers. These are essentially PoshVine curated activities experiences made available by the way of technology to drive customer engagement and spends. 

What were the initial challenges involved in setting up this venture?
Funds. Setting up a business entity, initial documentation, getting a team together were initial challenges...However, challenges evolve during the growth of business. Today, as a small business our challenges are being self reliant.. ensuring cash flows are in place, team is motivated and trying to keep customers happy are some of the challenges we overcome on a daily basis.  

Where do you see yourself professionally in the short term?
At PoshVine, we see the business growing MOM being profitable .. may be we will diversify across more categories .. definitely focussing on product roadmap is the next big agenda at PoshVine. 

What thoughts inspire you to get ahead?
Creating value for customers and clients which impact their lives gives me a big high! We love making people smile .. and that we do by creating seamless customer experiences through the experiences we curate... 

Also, business in totality, moving forward, winning client pitches inspire me. I derive my energy from making things happen! I love delivering to the customer requirements and that inspires me day in and day out to move forward.. 

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