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Women have been making waves in the world of IT for quite some time now. This intelligent Shero for today who thrives on multi-tasking thought of being her own boss and entrepreneur since the age of 5.

A short break from work and a natural keen interest slowly led to her founding her own company – Toruk Software,

Read on to hear her side of the story!

What led you to start Toruk Software? How has the journey been so far?

I entered the IT industry with IBM and remained engaged with the organization in some of the very large scale enterprise software & consulting solutions for over 6 years.

I decided to take a break when my first baby was born and we shifted to the US. During my tenure in IBM I received lot of accolades for my hard work, sincerity and of course the quality deliverables.

During the break I was travelling, reading books, spent quality time with my son but at the same time I kept myself abreast with the IT world and business.

I slowly toyed with the idea of starting something of my own and this extended break helped me evolve and channelize my thinking.  

In 2013 after a stint freelancing with various places, I started my own Software Development Company It’s been a great journey so far!

Are there any specific challenges for women starting up IT / Media based businesses?

I never came across any specific challenges. It is important to know your craft well and meet the business requirements. You need to constantly update yourself with the dynamically changingtechnology and business needs.

A lot of my clients are women, who seem to instantly connect with Toruk Software and we inspire each other. To name a few we are proud IT and consulting partners with Saffron Strands and The Ultimate Kopie, two very innovative women owned business.

We have already initiated work related to online presence for ‘Gurgaon Citizens Forum’, a platform which aims to create a wave of change in Gurgaon in the fields of women safety, traffic and waste management.

What guidelines or thoughts help you propel forward as a woman entrepreneur?

I walk the talk and take strength from my family and home. As a woman entrepreneur I feel blessed to be in this time and age, where people are supportive. If you are thinking about it, the time is now to take the plunge and make it happen.

Being an entrepreneur is not a job or a carrier, it’s a lifestyle, it’s something you live and breathe each day. The home, kids, family everything settles around it.

Recently I launched , which aims to give an online presence to talented individuals who have followed their passion to move into baking.

I garner strength from being a ‘Go To’ person for people who don’t understand the strength of IT, yet need trustworthy advice and support, due to their little or no knowledge in the field.

What does it take to start your own company? What should a woman keep in mind when doing so?
In the field of IT all you need is small infrastructure ranging from a laptop and internet to get started. There are plenty of resources which help virtual teams function seamlessly.

But, of course as in any field, having expertise in your area of work, so that you can guide your team with confidence is very important.

Toruk software is fuelled by extremely talented professionals who are accountable and trustworthy and I over look after the project management, consulting and client Interaction. This model helps us provide cost effective and reliable solutions to our clients. Infact Toruk Software engages a lot of work from home moms on project basis.

Any parting thoughts to SHEROES around?

Motherhood is the most amazing guiding factor, nothing in the world teaches you such multi-tasking skills and instills insane amount of patience.

Being a mother and being surrounded by a warm supportive family is my strength, the pride I see on my children’s faces makes me more accountable and responsible.

Leverage the time or any break from work to equip yourself with skills that only life can teach. Come back stronger and believe in yourself that’s what the real sport is all about!

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