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Published on 3 Dec 2014 . 3 min read

Today in ‘Meet the SHEROES’ we focus on a multi-faceted woman who is involved in a plethora of business activities. Originally from Mumbai and now a Delhi based entrepreneur, Shilpa Sharma speaks to and shares her professional journey,

Q. What line of Business Are you in today?

I wear multiple hats, am involved in 3 different business ventures, but I’d like to focus my attention on my boutique travel site 

Breakaway is a boutique venture offering unique types of tours, they are customised to suit individual requirements for an enriching and interaction intensive travel experience. For example, one tour is known as The textile Trail and focuses on textiles / prints of Rajasthan. It’s different and unique in every sense, I introduce various kinds of ‘Breakaways’ to keep things interesting.  

Q. What was your first job like and how old were you when you began your career?

I started out in the Advertising Industry and my first job was in Client Servicing at Lintas  Advertising in 1989. I was just 22 years old. It didn’t last long as I realised pretty quickly that advertising was not my cup of tea.

I went on to be part of the Brand Management team at Cadbury’s and Marico – this stint I enjoyed thoroughly. I spent 12 years at Fabindia, and felt that this was truly my calling.

However, 5 years ago I decided to quit the corporate world and use my time and expertise to do something of my own. I guess I just got tired of walking for people or companies.  

Q. What advice can you give working women in the corporate world?

Follow your heart, and never accept a status quo... push boundaries all the time, for you will never know how far you can go, unless you try.

A true feeling of empowerment comes from going beyond stated expectations, and charting your own course, demonstrating your ability to make a difference

The world is your canvas, and it’s up to you, how far you want to get. Don’t shy away from taking responsibility for your decisions, believe in yourself and in your ability to be a change maker.

I think if every woman imbibes this, the sky is her limit.  

Q. Can you share some interesting mottos that help you in your work front.

Take risks, your appetite for risk, and your belief in yourself, will drive you to achieving results.

Believe in your dreams, and persist in your pursuit of what you’re passionate about

Rules are meant to be broken. ( A cautious approach can only take you that far, and no more)

 Q. What are the challenges women face in the work front in this day and age in India. 

Hypocrisy in the workplace, where rules are different for men and women – this is unstated, but implied. The entire onus of maintaining a work-life balance rests on the woman, she has to juggle multiple priorities and ensure she doesn’t drop the ball on any front, home or work.

And she has to make time for herself, in the midst of all this, which is the biggest challenge.

 Q. What are the top three things it takes to be a woman entrepreneur or to succeed in your line of work?

 1.Very efficient domestic support systems

2. Persistence, tenacity and the ability to work hard.

3. An understanding family( not one which has expectations that need to be managed all the time)

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Paroma Sen is a professional content and creative writer.

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