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Published on 17 Apr 2015 . 4 min read

Chetna Chakravarthy works as an Alternative Healer and tells us all about this field today.  Working as an alternative healer gives her a sense of happiness and peace. There is a lot more to alternative healing than meet the eyes. Let's read on to see what made Chetna quit her Corporate work to pursue this track. 

What Does an Alternative Healer Do?

An Alternative Healer practices forms of cure and care other than Allopathy. Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupressure and Yoga are the more known and accepted forms of Alternative Healing. However there are many other modalities which are now gaining popularity. Many of the recent ones (recent in popularity or awareness and not existence) work with energy, whether it's the client's inherent energy or what the practitioner channels. For example in Reiki, the practitioner channels energy and gives it to the client while in TriOm Touch Therapy the practitioner stimulates the client's inherent healing energy system.

Most Alternative Healing Systems are holistic and tackle not just a person's immediate physical or emotional problem but also, deep seated thinking patterns, perspectives and lifestyle. When dealing with a physical illness, Alternative Healing will help directly or indirectly to address the underlying emotional causes. When dealing with an emotional, mental or life situation related problem it will help alter the person's perspective or reactions to create more suitable outcomes.

What part of Alternative Healing do you focus on?

I practice TriOm Touch Therapy, Chakra Healing and some other meditative healing techniques, so I try and give more examples of situations/problems and solutions and results through these modalities.

Eg: The underlying emotional causes for lower back problems such as Siatica or Slip Disc could be financial insecurity or the feeling of not having anyone to fall back on. In the latter case often, relations with parents or spouse may not be very stable or happy or the father or mother may have passed away very early forcing the individual to grow up too fast or too soon. Through Chakra Healing one addresses the Root Chakra which is at the base of one's spine and by balancing the energies of this Chakra one starts to heal the physical body.

In the case of TriOm Touch Therapy, the immediate pain and discomfort is the first thing that starts to reduce and from there on the energies at work give the person enough strength to believe in themselves as well as change their life situations to address the emotional reasons. So while one system works from inside out, the other moves from the outside-in.

Given enough time, regular sessions and proper follow-ups, Alternative Healing can turn a person's life around. It enables them to move into a happier and healthier space and 'being positive' is more than just two words of advice.

Why this change from the Corporate World to the Holistic Healing world?

Because this is a world that knows how to harness and use my inherent and contagious optimism to it's full potential. I have always been that person that people turned to for a shoulder to cry on or for a different perspective and often solutions to problems too. Now I have more knowledge and stronger tools to help people. Also it makes me happy.

What are the top 3 positive thoughts every one should inculcate to lead a happy life?

Breathe. When we are stressed, we tend to hold our breath without realising it. Always remember to inhale and exhale. Breathe right and you will live right..

Choose to be happy. We have been conditioned to believe that happiness is something to be found... in people and situations. We cannot be more far from the truth. Happiness is a state of being and it's a choice we have to consciously make every single day through every situation.

Don't hold on to anger. Yes we all get angry, irritated, annoyed and these are all considered negative emotions. But they are still your emotions. Holding on it only affects you and not the person it's directed towards

What does it take to overcome the challenges you face in this field of work?

Patience and compassion. Everyone does not think and move at the same pace as I do. And everyone will not accept and make the changes they should as easily as I would. As a practitioner I have to make room for people's personal opinions and way of thinking. I often have to find ways around that for solutions to reach them. Many a times I just have to speak my truth and wait. It could be days, weeks, even months before they call to tell me the suggestions I offered worked.

What advice would you give fellow Sheroes out there?

You are the creator of your own life. Believe in yourself. Know that you can change any situation and you can manifest the life you desire.

Paroma Sen
Paroma Sen is a professional content and creative writer.

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