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Published on 15 Jun 2015 . 3 min read

Amishi Shah, a finance graduate started The upcyle project to create objects of design out of recycled pieces of glass, plastic and other materials detrimental for the environment if not reused. She tell us about her products and more –

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself

My work experience and educational experience has been in finance and management so that helps in running and structuring a business. However, in the actual upcycling process, there is no past experience to draw from.

Q2. How did the idea of The Upcycle Project come about?

I completed my Master's from the University of Bath in UK right before starting this organization. Whilst there, I learned a lot about sustainability and social enterprises and I got interested in the concept. I also visited few shops that sold unique decor and a lot of it was upcyled. Once, I got back I began experimenting with Upcycling and was drawn to its simplicity. After a few months I eventually quit my full time job to pursue The Upcycle Project. 

Q3. In the future, how do you plan to scale up or increase the products / services offered?

We are experimenting and innovating each day! We have plans to come up with many products, a few of which are already in the pipeline, we even want to work with different materials in the future. In just a year our production capacity has increased from about fifty pieces a month to 3000-5000 in a week and we can handle decent volumes. Even within the services space, we have big plans. We have begun foraying into workshops, DIY and space consultation and a lot more exciting things are to come

Q4. How do you get inspiration / ideas to make creative products out of waste? 

We do a lot of research as to current trends in the decor space and the upcycling space. We then identify what would work aesthetically and practically in the Indian context and try to see how we can create great products out of waste, we also get our suppliers and labourers involved in the design process because very often they have great ideas to improve the practicality of an existing design. We also take customer feedback from time to time and ask them what they would like to see,

Q5. What words of advice would you share with fellow SHEROES out there?

If you believe in what you do and are passionate about it, don't listen to anyone else and give it a fair shot. If you fail, it’s a learning but don't not try because of the fear of failing and in all likelihood you will succeed if you keep at it. 

Amishi _ The Upcycle Project
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