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Imagine a book that tells the story of your kids. Imagine a book that is covered with actual pictures of your children too! This is what Anisha Bhardwaj's venture is all about! Although still in it's initial stages, this interesting venture is growing by the minute. 

Read on for her story,

What line of work are you in? 

We are blessed to have started a venture that believes in making dreams come true for Kids – Their Own Personalised World that offers the widest range of Personalised Products. Our page is live on Facebook and we have a website too.

How was the idea of Vpersonalise born?

I would have been the last person on earth to believe that I could become an entrepreneur and I believe my kids desire to live in the cartoon world, played a crucial role in my decision to become one. With no prior exposure in children books, designing or publication and no major investment, my journey began with a possibility and a firm belief of creating a story book with caricatures of my children. Thanks to Social media, I continued to find leads who can partner with me to make my dream come true. It took almost 3 months to conceptualize and execute what we have now for the first time ever across the globe- personalized story books with caricatures on every page. I also recorded these stories and got them processed in a studio for Audio Books.

The desire to do more inspired me to weave the vision for my venture - with the aim to ‘’Make Memories Memorable”. vPersonalise offers Personalized Books (Story books, Audio books recorded in your voice, Memory Books & Nursery Rhyme books with pictures of your child on every page & Coloring Books). Within a short span of 6 months, we now offer more than 200 products that can be personalized for kids

Are there other players offering the same or similar service in the market? How do you 'differentiate' yourself then?

Yes, there are several players in the market offering Personalised Products. The USP of Vpersonalise is that it is the only one stop shop for all these products on a common platform.
We have partnered with several players, even our competitors in the market who have been doing it on a small scale to enable them to expand their base nationwide

What marketing tips help you get more targets?

Experimenting with different mediums through Exhibitions, Facebook, Whatsapp & Vendor Management has really helped us penetrate the target audience

What are your short term business plans?

The vision of VPersonalise is to create a niche market full of magical products that the kids can flaunt their names or pictures on. Now that we have established the product range and our partners, the next step is to find investors who can help us establish our brand on a National Level

Any words of advice for other Sheroes?

You definitely need to be focused. Your destiny is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. Be Determined! Stepping onto a brand new path is difficult, but not more difficult than being stagnant. Dream to succeed! Put your dreams into reality by acting on them NOW!! Prioritize your work.  I work all the time, even at night along with managing my dream venture during the day and am enjoying it. I have realized that Time management skills can do wonders for you. You may think that you are giving your 100% today, but you will be surprised to know that there is a whole new world waiting to tap your true potential.

Anisha Bhardwaj
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