6 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation To Uplift Your Life

Last updated 31 Jan 2018 . 1 min read

benefits of meditation benefits of meditation

As millennials, especially as women, it is difficult for us to understand spirituality as a whole. Many looming questions bother us as well.

What is the importance of meditation in my life?

Do I have to give up my happening life?

Do I need to give up my social circle?

“Who has that time to delve into some hokum that is just preached by self-proclaimed godmen?” so on and so forth.

It was not long before when one of our friends found out that she had personality disorders. Multiple psychotherapy sessions later, the psychologist recommended that she try meditation. Once she was in the game, there was no looking back.

What Is Meditation and why is it important? 

Meditation is a relaxation technique. That is just the tip of the iceberg as we fathom it. From controlling those random thoughts to boosting your concentration, it is probably one of the most powerful medicines that exist on this planet.

What Does It Have To Do With Me?

Have you seen those dynamic people who just put a smile on your face just by their sheer presence? The ones where flashing those pearlies is just enough to light up an entire room? The energy of bringing that positive vibe to the room with the aura itself is what meditation does to you

Why is meditation important

What does meditation do to human body? 

Meditation is about counting the gaps between the thoughts. The union of body, soul, and mind to let go of thoughts that trouble you like a bully. Most of us misconstrue it as a couple of weird instructions that help us find that inner peace. Funny, but true.

However, it is much more than that. You could use meditation for multiple health benefits, but any day, you need to wrap it up with breath control. Both are mutually inclusive and should be practiced together for maximized benefits.

There are various elements that constitute our body. Pitta, Kapha, Vata are the harmful secretions which if not let out through natural processes and detoxification can cause multiple ailments which can be noted visibly in the form of stress blisters, skin diseases, breakout, so on and so forth.

Meditation has empowered and transformed lives. Forget regular individuals, even the top-notch CXOs vouch for the fact that meditation has helped them manage things better. Here are those six ways meditation can help you improve your body, mind, and soul both physically and spiritually...

#1. Meditation Improves Concentration

Imagine a mind that is free from agitation! Keep your mind from getting distracted and focus on something that matters the most to you. Meditation as a practice is known to charge the right parts of the brain and trigger the right parts related to focus, analytical abilities, memory, attention so on and so forth. It improves brain volume and helps you connect to the energy that guides you just about right.

#2. You can relieve stress and increases happiness with meditation

Work, family, social circle et al. just add to the frustration and stress in our day-to-day life. Take a couple of minutes out for yourself to unwind and destress. Join a meditation for beginners’ course or a curated meditation class online. It would be worth the investment.

Regulating emotions is essential when you deal with jobs that require you to be emotionally active and aware. Meditation activates the energy centers of the brain to release the endorphins or the happy hormones.

#3. Meditation gives you healthy lifestyle

Most of us believe that clubbing, partying and acting cool is what life is all about. However, meditation gives you an alternate perspective. Once you understand that getting rid of a toxic lifestyle is better than pampering it with one, it gives way to the development of a healthier lifestyle.

Give up on drinking, smoking, coffee for a week and replace that time with meditation to feel the difference. You feel happier, healthier and more in control. A great way to achieve a healthier and glowing skin and reduced aging! Who would ever say no to that?

 ​Meditation gives you healthy lifestyle

#4. Self-Acceptance becomes your core value

Upset because someone told something about you? It is not just you. We usually project a self-image that is bound to be tarnished because of opinions. Meditation helps you connect with your inner self. Accept yourself as you are, you would not be hurt again. In the words of Tyrion Lannister, “Wear it as a shield!”

Being comfortable in your skin takes a lot of practice and guts. Draw that strength through meditation.

#5. You can gain clarity with Meditation

Often the mind is clouded with questions. Then there is this conflict of emotions that you do not know how to go about. Sit down in peace and calm your mind down. It is the beauty of meditation that somehow everything just falls into place. It is like building a Lego structure where each block is a thought. Find that piece that matters the most and completes you.

#6. Who doesn’t know the health benefits of meditation  

Did you know, mental health issues could be resolved through meditation alone? Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, personality disorders, Asperger’s et al. have been known to be controlled and cured in most cases through meditation. It helps boost your immune system because you control what your body and mind need. So choose to be happy and healthy.

Is There More That I Could Do With Meditation?

As the founding land of yoga and meditation practice, India has several Yoga and Meditation retreats. All you need to do is pick a class. From teaching practitioners basic nuances of meditation to having fully equipped yoga instructor certification courses affiliated with the Yoga Alliance, these meditation resorts are everything you need.

If you are an advanced level student and are looking forward to teaching meditation professionally, you could opt for one of the several teacher-training programs that are spread over a span of 200 or 500 hours. Learn the nuances of the practice such as chanting, mudras, postures, physiological impacts so on and so forth.

Meditation and breath control are practices that preach simple living and advanced thinking. It opens up your soul to various perspectives which otherwise seem impossible.

To learn more about such tips and benefits of Meditation, you can join the Health Community on SHEROES.

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