In This Age Of Digitization Why To Leave Healthcare Behind?

Last updated 5 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

#VoicesOfCommunity featuring Manya Madan, co- founder and Director, Medicians. Medicians is an initiative which aims at solving the problem of absence of transparency and lack of knowledge in the Healthcare industry.  They have a base of 10,000  happy customers till now and the number is growing rapidly. Manya takes over to tell us more about her venture.

“Popping pills and painkillers, bought over-the-counter, to cure common cold and fever is a normal sight nowadays. We have become our self-appointed doctors. Therefore, I see an opportunity and a dire need for bringing a positive change in healthcare. We aim to make people medically educated.
 Medicians is currently headed towards the digitization of healthcare. People can manage their health records, keep them safe on cloud, digitise their handwritten prescriptions, understand them well, order their medicines, find the substitutes and get the description of the medicines they are taking. I always wanted to bring a change in healthcare sector through technology. And therefore, I started working on it from the very first day of college. I started learning Application development and website development. During this learning phase, I met Paras Garg (Co-founder) and realised that he has the same vision as me. After long discussions with him, we started working on this project. By the end of 2015, we had enough money (from freelance work for 2 years ) and knowledge to start a company. That’s how we started Medicians after long brainstorming sessions."


"I see challenges as opportunities in disguise. I am lucky to encounter a lot of them. One who says “ I am a Team Player” is lying. Working like a team needs a lot of patience and hard work. There are few awesome people in the world who can do anything when it comes to them but cannot do the same thing with one more person present there as a team member. Finding the right fit for your company and helping them adjust was one of the challenges I used to face in my initial days.”

“My strategy in crisis is to learn from it. Once you think of any challenge as a learning experience. You will overcome it with a smile on your face. I strongly believe in the fact that a person is always the average of the five people he/she spends most time with. I learn a lot from my peers and at the same time give them ample opportunities to learn from me. Few years down the line, on my way to the top. I see Medicians bringing the required change in India. We would continue to serve easy, affordable and required health-care services to people, hence making their lives simpler than ever. Apart from working tirelessly in order to achieve my dreams, I like dancing and reading. Since I am a foodie too, I never lose a chance to eat mouthwatering foods. There are mostly two versions of me. The first version of Manya, gorges on lots of tasty food, dances in a carefree manner, loves listening to music and hanging out with friends. The other me shuts down the world, turns on slow music, sips coffee and indulges in serious discussions.”


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