15 Meals You Can Cook Faster Than Maggi

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meals faster than maggi meals faster than maggi

I am a foodie, so are my friends, so is almost everyone I have met. We, foodies, swear by a good meal, but in the rat race of working day in and day out, many times we can’t indulge in the joy of satiating our taste buds with some relishing and scrumptious food.

At times, when we are running late for work or are tucked in our blankets, celebrating lazy weekends, we often end up eating our ever-so-famous and ever-so-favorite Maggi. Why? Because not only is it tasty, but is equally fast and easy to make!

But but but, repeatedly eating something can often turn mundane. Moreover, health can become an issue too because no matter how much we love Maggi, it can’t all of our nutritional needs.

Perturbed? Well, don’t be.

Here’s an effective list of lip-smacking food ideas that can be made with love and ease to satisfy the foodie in you, the healthy way. Best Part: You can make these meals faster than Maggi!

#1. Eggetarian? Voila. No stress. OMELET alert all the way. Omelet is one of the easiest and quickest delightful eat for an egg lover. Bored of the regular omelet recipes? Well, a little experimentation never hurts. You can go on making tomato omelette, onion omelets and many more. Keep it spicy or keep it moderate. Go about making it just the way you like it.

#2. Running out of time? Going hungry to your work every day? Don’t. An empty stomach leads to a blank mind and an unhappy heart. Make a super quick SALAD to give a healthy start to your day.  Prefer vegetables over fruits or the other way round? Well, it’s your salad and it has to be your way. Feel nourished with a healthy start to your day.

#3. Minimal time, growling stomach? Be in for a treat by cooking a DOSA or two for yourself and your dear ones. As easy, as tasty. To fasten the dosa making process prepare the batter in the night and keep it refrigerated. In the morning all you need to is flip the yummy dosas!

#4. Do not want to settle for a Dosa, each time you are hungry. Cook an onion UTTAPAM or a paneer one to give your taste buds exactly what they need - Variety. Again keeping the batter ready the previous night would come in handy.

#5. Just back to home and salivating to eat something yum and spicy, but not in the mood to order or eat street food? Well, making spicy BHELPURI at home is a minute’s task. All you need is mashed potatoes, onion, tomatoes, some chilies and a packet full of Bhel mixture and a spicy Bhelpuri is at your stomach’s service.

#6. Who doesn’t love a plate of freshly prepared POHA. Poha – As healthy, as tasty.  With peas, nuts, onions, tomatoes and some lemon juice; Poha makes for a delightful and an easily digestible treat. Be it the morning breakfast or an evening snack, a little or lots of Poha never hurts.

#7. Despise spending too much time in the kitchen? Lover of all things that can be filled in a bread and resonate with your taste buds? Be in for a quick SANDWICH treat for yourself and your beau. Make a potato sandwich, fruit sandwich, vegetable sandwich or choose from a plethora of options. Have a sweet tooth? Go for a nutella sandwich.

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#8. Is your tummy bulging due to an unhealthy lifestyle or unhealthy junk meals causing you a lot of stress lately? Stop stressing, start healthy munching. Kick start your day with a bowl of OATMEAL and let your smile widen by shedding all those extra pounds.

#9. Gym enthusiast, but quite a busy one? Make delicious SHAKES or go for a quickie- SCRAMBLED EGGS.

A BESAN CHEELA (owing to its wonderful taste), is a major attraction at any wedding or any food joint we go. It is one of the easiest and tasty food items to make during the hunger games to invigorate your love of food.

#10. When the craving for something sweet and delicious is on a rise. Opt for a mouth-watering POMEGRANATE OR PINEAPPLE RAITA.  Whisk the yogurt. Add a pinch of red chili powder and salt. Add the pomegranate juice and seeds or the pineapple chunks to the yogurt mix and be ready with your bowl and spoon to comfort your sweet tooth.

#11. Yearning for spicy food, and do not know what to make in a little time at hand. Well, go for a low cholesterol ALOO CHANNA CHAAT. Prepare the quick flavorsome recipe and sip some tea along.

#12. Living alone and a little too bad at cooking? Bored of eating Maggi all day through? READY MADE MIXTURES to your rescue. The market is full of delectable mixtures. From Indian food mixtures- Readymade Paneer, Rajma, Chole to Poha, Idli, Dosa and Vada mixtures. There is a wide and varied range. After having filled your stomach with tasteful food, opting for a Gulab Jamun mixture is not a bad idea.

#13. No BAKE PIES are an appetizing quicker alternative to the otherwise time and effort taking ones. Hop to your kitchen, make negligible efforts, and yet eat a yummy pie. Sounds like a plan. Right?

#14. Waking up in the morning with fever is exasperating indeed. Moreover, the added stress of not being able to cook something to eat can be quite disheartening. Do not be heartbroken. Provide your body the energy it needs by cooking easy and healthy SOUPS. You can make the ones readily available in the markets or make one of your own.

#15. With long hours at work and no hours to cook, to eat can be quite disturbing. VEGETABLE FRIED RICE by using the leftover rice from last night is a tempting alternative to the food items that require ample time to prepare.

Long Story Short:

Better opting for easy to make recipes than eating unhealthy or ending up hungry. It has been said that “First we eat, then we do everything else” and an Irish proverb: “Laughter is the brightest in the place where the food is” indeed indicates the correlation of happiness and food.

No matter how hectic your schedule is or how novice you are at cooking- From toasts to salads to appealing desserts, the options and the list of quick and easy to prepare meals is unending.

You can also join the SHEROES Cooking Community for more such Cooking Tips and Ideas. 


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