18 Best and Wonderful Kitchen Hacks

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best kitchen hacks best kitchen hacks

Cooking is never just about cooking it also requires grocery shopping, a lot of chopping and most importantly upkeep and cleanliness of the kitchen. It can be really time-consuming but with some nifty hacks, you can save a lot of time and money while keeping your kitchen in order and food top notch.

Say hello to these wonderful kitchen hacks that’ll have you asking for more: -

Hack #1:

Cutting onions makes you cry rivers?

"Just cut the onion into two parts and wash in running water for a minute before chopping." Cry no more!

Hack #2:

My granny always says, “Milk is a thief; it boils too slow when you are watching over. But spills in a second when you are distracted.”

"To prevent milk from spilling, put a spoon in the milk vessel while boiling it, make sure the spoon has a long handle." This will prevent the milk from spilling. Trust me granny knows her stuff!

Hack #3:

Ant marching towards your sugar container?

"Try putting a couple of cloves in the container and the ants will no longer march in unchartered territory."

Hack #4:

Ram bought a dozen bananas on Monday. If Ram ate half of them by Tuesday how many does he get to eat on Wednesday? NONE! Why you ask, well because they’ll go rotten.

"To extend the lives of bananas remove the bananas from the bunch and put a plastic wrap on the end of the bananas to cover them up and extend their life."

Hack #5:

Roti making is an art in itself. More often than not you’ll have your rotis, - too big, too small, too thick, too tight and what not.

"If making soft rotis is a challenge for you, try kneading the dough with milk and your rotis will be as soft as clouds."

Hack #6:

Scrubbing tough stains is a nightmare for many.

"Cleaning the sturdy stains on the kitchen counter, sink, microwave or food processor is easiest when done with baking powder and vinegar paste. To do this, mix equal proportions of baking powder and vinegar and form a thick consistency like that of toothpaste. Apply this mix on the stained surface and leave it like that for a few hours. Afterward, wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth."

This versatile kitchen hack is your best bet for a spotless kitchen.

Hack #7:

Peeling garlic flakes is exasperating. The skin gets stuck on your fingers and the smell on your hands stays for hours.

"This is how you can make peeling garlic a quick breeze - Before peeling slightly warm the flakes in hot water or microwave and voila the skin will peel away in a second."

Hack #8:

If your mixer/grinder has aged and the blades don’t work like they used to, put some common salt in the jar and grind away.

"Grinding common salt in the jar will sharpen the blades and your mixer/grinder will work as good as new."

Hack #9:

Every time I want to make a dish that specifically requires curry or mint leaves I find that I am out of stock or they are rotten.

"To preserve your precious herbs and leaves for a longer period of time remove the leaves from the stem and store them in airtight jars. Place the jar in the fridge and you are stocked for at least two weeks."

Hack #10:

Going out on a long vacation is awesome, coming back to a smelly fridge – not so much! When your fridge is out of use for a couple of days it tends to reek.

"To keep your refrigerator from reeking, make big balls of newspaper and place them in the refrigerator when you go out. Don’t forget to cut the power supply (why waste energy, right?) and when you are back put a tea bag in the fridge for a few hours and your fridge will smell just fine."

Hack #11:

Got your lentils or kormas too salty? Before you aim for the bin and get rid of the super salty dish, try this hack.

"Add a few spoons of milk to the dish and the extra salt will be neutralized. Alternatively, you can also reduce the salt level by adding a raw potato."

Hack #12:

Don’t squeeze your breath out to get the lemon juice out.

"Microwave the little yellow devils for a few seconds and get the juice flowing fast and easy!"

Hack #13:

Everyone loves eating the good old bhindi, but no one likes to cook the sticky ladyfingers.

"Adding a few drops of lemon juice while cooking bhindi will help remove the stickiness the same holds true for rice. A few drops of lemon and no more sticky business in your pots and pans."

Hack #14:

When the morning rush hits and you need to pack the kid’s lunch in a jiffy, you really don’t have the time, patience and energy to caramelize onions.

"Adding a pinch of baking soda or salt can help in speeding up the process and your onions are ready before you know it!"

Hack #15:

"Use tamarind paste to polish your wares and let the brassware shine."

PS: the same works for copperware as well.

Hack #16:

Friends should stick together; onions and potatoes, not so much!

"If onions and potatoes are stored together potatoes will perish very soon. My advice, keep both in separate bags or jars to extend their life."

Hack #17:

We live in a world where nothing is clean and pure; same applies to our fruits and veggies.

"To remove pesticides and dirt from your fruits and veggies, soak them in a mixture of water and baking soda."

Hack #18:

Surprising your girlfriend with a cake is a great idea, but let’s be real you are most likely going to forget one really essential element in this plan. THE KNIFE!

"To cut the cake without a knife find a dental floss and use it to cut the cake."

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