Is Your House Classy & Functional The Japanese Way?

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japanese interior design japanese interior design

Asian style home decor is all the rage these days and for good reason! Whether it’s a simple wall hanging or a big furniture piece, Japanese designs are taking over the Indian market with their aesthetic yet minimal appeal. One of the most trending interior styles in this coming year is a blend of minimal yet functional designs in one’s interior, which is why Japanese interior styles are widely preferred. Japanese interiors are known for deep-rooted love for nature and fondness towards minimalistic designs.

Allow me to elaborate on some nifty décor-do's that'll convince you why the Japanese Interior Design trends are on the rise in 2019.

Japanese Interior Design Trend No#1 “GENKAN”

Genkan is a Japanese style entryway which is seen in every Japanese home. If you are a guest in a Japanese home, this is the area where you’ll be greeted and welcomed. The visitors take off their shoes and place them in the entryway shoe cabinet called the Getabako (Truly a ‘GHAR EK MANDIR’ moment!). The Genkan entryway includes natural lighting and simple and clean design with some wooden elements.


Japanese Interior Design Trend No#2 “LANTERNS”

The one thing that can make or break your interior décor score is LIGHTING. Using lanterns for interior décor is another Japanese trend that lends a picture-perfect look to your space. The chic and trendy hanging lanterns go a long way in crafting a modern yet simplistic abode inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun!


Japanese Interior Design Trend No#3 “WABI-SABI”

Would you dare to entertain the idea of a blank and unadorned wall? Does asymmetrical décor appeal to your interior décor vision? Do cracked ceramic objects meet your idea of trendy and elegant décor?

IF the answer is a Yes, YEs and YES…Then Wabi-Sabi is your fix.

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese ethos that celebrates the splendor of a naturally imperfect world. ‘Wabi’ refers to a minimalist elegance through natural, simple and rustic design and ‘Sabi’ refers to perceiving beauty in the flaws that appear with age. Finding this idea common in India as well, personalizing your space with much-loved possessions, you can create a sense of peace and serenity within your home.

wabi sabi

Japanese Interior Design Trend No#4 “SHOJI”

Shoji is a hard-to-find Japanese paper for screening the window panels. It is quite prevalent in Japanese homes. It is made of rice paper and it needs a LOT of maintenance. In the absence of authentic Shoji, you can also opt for its replacement with wood and film glass instead of real rice paper. The culture in the Far East deeply values privacy, therefore, Shoji screens are featured on the windows or glass doors that allows minimal light to enter a room thereby offering privacy for personal gatherings or meditation.


Japanese Interior Design Trend No#5 “FURNITURE”

Lighter tone and natural material such as white oak wood are widely used in Japanese décor. The color itself gives a very subtle yet cozy feel to space. The furniture effortlessly fits into any kind of space big or small. Also, when choosing the product line complementing your space,  again Japanese products are mostly preferred by the consumers with the introduction. Japanese brands like Muji and Miniso in India.


Before finishing, here’s a BIG Japanese interior design SECRET on how to mimic Japanese style furniture.

1. Visit your preferred store to buy furniture but, only buy low seating furniture as the Japanese style furniture sits low.

2. Layer the surrounding space with tatami mats

3. Embellish the walls with some calligraphy paintings or scrolls

4. Add some bonsai plants

5. Find Japanese wall stickers (wo-ru-sutika-) on online stores like Amazon and paint your walls with some gorgeous cherry blossoms.

Voila!! With these small additions, you have successfully evoked a cafe-inspired décor that incorporates both nature and art. With the dawn of 2019, Japanese aesthetics have infiltrated the boundaries of contemporary interior decor. It culls the passé home decor practices and finds a new balance between modern taste and authentic style.

We are ready for a makeover, are you?

We had an Ask Me Anything session in the Home Decor community with Kuntal Aggarwal on Interior decoration. Our Community Members were eager to know how they could transform their houses and make it look even more pretty and cozy.

This article was written by Kuntal Aggarwal, Founder and Design Head of Resaiki Interiors.

An interior designer, Kuntal has 10 years of professional work experience. Together with her talented and creative team, she provides the design and technical solution from start to finish for all projects. Some of the pioneer projects include multinationals like GIZ, Amway, PM International, Samsung Electronics, Colorcon, Kuntal has also done a number of projects with the government of Germany.

Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal
Founder & Designer Head, Resaiki Interiors

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