Is It Possible To Be A Successful Single Mother?

Published on 6 Dec 2017 . 4 min read

Single parenting can be really stressful and demanding. From managing the daily chores, looking after the child to managing work-life-balance, there’s certainly a lot to cope up with. In spite of all this pressure and demanding nature of their life, you still need to act calm as the child will always look up to them.

Here are the key challenges and related parenting tips for single moms to minimize the stress in their life:


#1 No One to Pass the Baton To -

Single motherhood creates an extremely demanding situation where you cannot pass the baton of responsibility to anyone. Instead, you have to manage the pressure of balancing your personal and professional life on your own. This sole responsibility for managing all the aspects of life creates a very challenging situation and increases the stress in life.

How to overcome this -

In order to reduce this stress and burden, the primary objective is to create a structured routine i.e. fix the schedule for everything - the time for meals, the time you and the children need to go to bed, the time you will have to get up and every other aspect of the daily life.


Single Mom


#2 The Feeling of Doubt -

Another challenge associated with single parenting is the feeling of self-doubt. Having a partner gives one the flexibility to get a second opinion or advice for every critical decision to be made in life, but in case of single parenting, this flexibility is missing. You have to make all the decisions on your own which sometimes creates a doubt - whether you are doing the right thing or not? This self-doubt causes you to lose confidence in yourself, resulting in developing a feeling of being “guilty” for your condition.

Don’t feel guilty -

The most important tip to handle this situation is to delete the keyword “guilt” from your dictionary. You need to own your sense of self-love and focus towards another aspect of life, i.e. the responsibility you have towards your children, the love and attention your children need from you and the responsibility to make your children a better individual.

#3 Losing Yourself in Parenting Responsibility -
The full array of parenting responsibilities that single moms have, makes their life rather stressful. While taking care of the finances, the education of the children, their progress in life and all the daily chores, they usually end up forgetting about themselves.

Single Mom


Get help from your close ones -
The only solution to this challenge is to feel proud of what you are doing. You need to bring the joy back in your life, taking some time out for yourselves every week. Taking help of friends or family for babysitting is an excellent idea. After all the key to a happy child is a happy mom, isn’t it?

Long Story Short

Single parenting undoubtedly involves a lot of efforts and commitment, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget yourself. What you need is an encouraging and supportive social circle that can provide you a sense of belongingness. It is highly important that you maintain a positive attitude and understand that a great life lies ahead for you and the child.

Happy Parenting!

If you are a single parent we encourage you to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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