In Photos: Yoga Lessons From SHEROES Community Members!

Last updated 9 Mar 2018 . 10 min read

Morning goodness means various things for different people. But for most, it is about starting the day on a happier-positive note. And what better way than to indulge in yoga? We ran a contest asking our community members about their favourite yoga poses and they shared some really inspiring pictures. Take a look and start practicing few of these asanas!


Rajlakshmi Yoga

An amazing picture of Rajlakshmi shared by her on Twitter. All we can say after looking at this picture is - wow! Describing this image in her own words, Rajlakshmi says, “A moment of stillness as I catch the first rays. Strength, flexibility and a steady gaze to balance #natrajasana.” A brilliant start to the day indeed! Rajlakshmi dons various roles in a day - of a software engineer, a lifestyle blogger and a travel blogger. What better way to maintain serenity in life and #TakeCharge, than by starting your day with yoga!

Vishakha Moghe Yoga

What a perfect pose Vishakha! When asked about why it’s her favourite asana, Vishakha says, “This is the only instance in my life when bending backward, actually pushes me further! #Chakrasana not only heals and strengthens my back, it calms down my weary mind, body and spirit. This is hands down my favorite yogasana!”

Writer, editor and blogger at Ayurvedafinder, Vishaka is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Marma Massage Therapist & Yoga Counselor at Niraamay Jeevan - Ayurveda & Yoga.

Shikha Poddar Yoga

A thorough yoga routine is what keeps the mind and body healthy. Shikha Poddar’s simple reason to follow this routine? “It makes me feel happy!” Isn’t that something we all want :) Shikha can be seenperforming vajrasana, balasana, dhanurasana, setubandhasana and pranayama.

Shikha Poddar Yogasana

Can you guess the yogasanas Shikha is performing? Love the dedication Shikha!

Yoga Shikha Poddar

Some serious fitness goals laid out straight by Shikha :)

Richa Kukreja Yoga

Cross training like a pro here is Richa Kukreja, a techie and a traveller. Combining yogasanas with other forms of stretching exercises is a brilliant idea! Thanks for the image tip Richa ;-)

Richa can be seen performing #ustrasana and #gomukhasana.

Jayshree Mehta Yoga

Wherever you are, it’s important to practice what you have taken up. In the simple expanse of her home, Jayshree Mehta shared this picture with us of practicing yoga, which helps her stay happy and healthy. Small joys, we say :)

Jayshree can be seen practicing #padmasana, #ardhamatsyendrasana, #vajrasana and #natrajasana.

Sunita Katyal Yoga

Sunita Katyal, a sports lover and a blogger, has shared a broader perspective of a healthy lifestyle, and we love it. Yoga being the centre of it all we assume :) Following a balanced diet and yoga routine everyday has helped her fit into her old college jeans! We’re proud of your achievement Sunita and thanks for the tip! Sunita can be seen practicing #vrikshasana, #gomukhasana and #trikonasana.

Seema Chattopadhyay Yoga

Such happiness performing #vrikshasana! Seema Chattopadhyay, your attitude and enthusiasm is clearly visible from this picture :)

Thank you for the participation you beautiful ladies! You all are entitled to win Radhika Vachani's new book, 'Just Breathe - The Most Powerful Tool For Personal Transformation And Happiness'.

Do you practice yoga and have experiences to share? Yoga expert Radhika Vachani’s article on the advantages of yoga can help you start a routine. We’ll look forward to your comments below.


Nirupama Kondayya
Nirupama feels that life is all about #TakingCharge, one step at a time, everyday. She truly believes that women have the potential to achieve their dreams, once they put their heart into it. She also believes that being grateful for little things has big impacts in life.

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