A Playground Built With Scrap Materials? Yes!

Last updated 15 Feb 2018 . 1 min read

IITians create playground for children IITians create playground for children

We believe that education is not just in books and classroom, play is an integral part of it.

Anthill Creations is an initiative started by five graduates from IIT Kharagpur, which aims to mobilize communities to transform the dead zones in public spaces, by creating low-cost and sustainable playscapes from recycled tires and scrap for children. We create an interactive play space which is a harbinger of fun and learning. Creating such areas with the recycled material also solves the pressing problem of solid waste disposal issue for scrap tyres etc. Most solutions are often expensive or difficult to implement. Anthill creates very low-cost scapes, by using recycled material and by mobilizing communities volunteers, thereby reducing construction costs to a large extent.


Our vision is to bring back play in education, especially in early childhood. Every part of working with children has been a joyous experience for each one of us involved, but one of the best moments was when the little kids from the school came forward on their own to help us in painting. They enjoyed building their own playground even more.


All our projects so far have been DIY and completed with the help of volunteers who came together to make these projects successful. We may only have a handful of projects in hand currently, but our idea of bringing about a revolution in the way play spaces are created and interacted with, keeps us going.

I wanted to study mathematics when I was young. I was always interested in programming and computers but destiny brought me to IIT Kharagpur and I graduated as an architect. I believe education should not limit the scope of things we can do in life, it can only guide us and open the opportunities for us. My education in architecture did help me in Anthill Creations but the motivation to do something for children and education, came from my experience with competitions like Hult Prize, etc.

We started Anthill Creations in the final year of college. Being an entrepreneur is never an easy ride, irrespective of whether you’re a woman or not. Being young and educated definitely helps.

Every step has been a challenge. Right from getting the first few projects to reaching out to more people. We are still struggling to overcome many of these challenges.

In the next few years, I want to bring a fun way of learning for every child in the country. Expand to all the cities, by enabling the communities itself to use scrap materials to create innovative play spaces. My work is fun. Meeting kids, playing games with them, understanding their perception of play and bringing out that in our projects have been one major agenda and this entire process is really exciting.


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