Simple Ways to Build Your Personality

Last updated 20 Aug 2020 . 1 min read

What Is personality?

Personality traits determine how a person behaves, conducts themselves, and the confidence with which they go through life. These traits make them unique and attractive to certain people.

Are you wondering how to have a likable personality? In all honesty, a personality is a reflection of one’s true self. Therefore, it’s important to be authentic and real. 

A person pretending to be someone other than who they truly are can come across as inauthentic and false. You can always improve your personality to be more confident and respectful of yourself. 

Your personality will showcase who you are. One platform that helps women develop their personality is the Fair & Lovely Career Foundation, which offers a couple of courses on personality development and communication. 

You can check them out by clicking here and don’t forget to join their community where they share helpful tips and courses to help women achieve their goals and dreams. Check out the community here.

Here are a few ways to build your personality:

#1. Smile more

When a person smiles in a genuine manner, the people around them also feel their happiness and are naturally attracted to them. Perhaps it's curiosity to know the reason why they’re happy or because they also want to reciprocate that happiness or simply because a smile makes a person more charming.

So, find reasons to be happy. You could think of happiness as a pleasant breeze that brings joy when it touches your face. This will make you appreciate the little things in life and it will also help you be happier. Smiling is not that difficult! 

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#2. Know your strengths

When a person achieves something, it gives them a feeling of confidence. For most people, it’s difficult to define that accomplishment or simply execute it. Therefore, it's important to know yourself and have self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. 

Sit down and do a self-assessment. What do you think about yourself? Would you like yourself if you met yourself as a stranger? What is the best thing about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

These questions are essential for you to help you understand yourself. These are also the very questions often asked in job interviews. It’s necessary for a person to know their strengths and use them to move forward in life. Work on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Can you answer this question?

#3. Monitor your growth

The best way to move forward in life is to have goals. These goals also make your life exciting and more productive. It’s important to break up these goals into smaller goals so that you easily accomplish them. 

This will give you a sense of accomplishment, build your confidence and help you find a path to your main goal. Every one grows while working hard on their goals. 

Their personality also changes accordingly. Monitor your growth and changes and recognize what has helped you and what worked for you.

#4. Read and listen

Reading cultivates culture, identity, knowledge, and adds depth to your personality. When you read more, your knowledge will increase, and you’ll start forming an informed opinion on various topics. 

Your views will shape a large part of your personality. It will help you in intimate conversations and help people appreciate your insights. The more well informed you are, the more impressed people will be with you.

For a good conversation, just sharing an opinion is not important. It’s also vital that you listen to the other person, understand their ideas, and then come up with a thoughtful reply. A good conversation will help people like you and remember you for your intelligence and well-informed opinions.

What do you think about this personality development-related question?

#5. A Positive outlook

Your attitude towards life has a major influence on your personality. If you’re someone who thinks negatively, is pessimistic, and complains a lot, people will most likely maintain a distance from you.

I’m not saying you should change yourself because of these people, but because it’s essential to be your authentic self. Having a negative outlook can be harmful to you in many ways. 

So, cultivate optimism and a positive outlook on life. This will make you see the world differently. With a positive attitude and belief in yourself, and you’ll be a shining example for others too.

Focus on these simple things that are already part of you. You just need to shape the clay to fashion an amazing pot for yourself.

Shrishti Gupta
I'm 20 years old. I'm a big Potterhead. I want to become an author one day. I write poems on my Instagram blog and stories on Wattpad. My hobby is to keep with nerdy Marvel facts, anime and fashion trends.

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