How Do You Know It Was A Date?

Published on 15 Feb 2017 . 2 min read

Let’s imagine, you had the best evening planned with the eye candy you have been dreaming of. You put on your favorite dress, even buy one, if you can’t decide on any from your wardrobe. Your tightest pair of stilettos, suddenly feels like sponge, just because it make your stand right! Make-up and hair can take ages and you don’t even mind that!

Of course, you reached in time and made the best impression as you walked into the restaurant . He smiled, even got up to give you a hug… a sideways one. Well that doesn't sound bad for the starters. You maintained eye contacts even while ordering food and toss your hair each time you laughed. Of course, all his jokes were funny!

You toy with the cutleries as you eat and sip your drink graciously. He pays the bill, even when you insisted to Go Dutch. Now begins that walk on the lonely street, because calling a cab from Uber or Ola would cut this too short. Your arm did brush against his as you two were walking. But then it was too early to hold hands. Of course he pulled you back, when a speeding car drove past you. He is protective and that feels so good!

When you finally get a cab and give him a hug before leaving, did he say he would call? Was this a date?



Nabomita Mazumdar
Nabomita is the Founder to She is the 100 Women Achiever Awardee, awarded by Government of India , Quoted on ForbesUS, one of the Top 20 HR Influencer in Social Media as declared by SHRM India and one among the Top 100 Technology Influencer in India. Connect with her on @nabomita_smiles , Facebook Page and Google+

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