Here’s Why Dating At Work May Not Be A No-No

Last updated 10 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

It’s the season of love. They say falling in love is easier when red hearts and love messages are doing the rounds. Dating would be the least prioritized when you are deeply immersed in work. But when you’re sharing long hours with your colleagues, sparks are bound to fly and you may end up having a whirlwind romance.

Societal changes

I find it surprising that many couples have started their lifelong relationships from their office premises. Till a few years ago, dating at work was considered inappropriate and forbidden, but seeing the long list of successful relationships, I would say, don’t shy away from finding your life partner at work.

One of the main advantages of workspace romance is the better understanding of career issues between spouses. Both can understand the common work culture and each other’s work pressures. This helps in constant communication.

I’ve seen many couples chatting about specific details on their work - their troubles, fears and achievements. This also helps in forming mutual friends at work, expanding the social network with like-minded people within the company itself. They can commute together if work timings are the same and can share lunch or tea breaks together for formal lunch dates.

Some workplaces also have a private gym if you want to workout together. Quality time together at work can boost the sense of companionship between spouses when work keeps you glued to the work desk.

The holiday benefits

An added boon is that the holiday schedule is usually the same for both the partners. For Christmas, some IT companies have a holiday shutdown for a week. What more could you ask for than a romantic vacation together before you both return back to the daily grind in the New Year?

New-age company policies and precautions

New-age companies do allow for having spouses at work, after realizing how personal relationships can have a better impact on the productivity of the employees. People do realize that precautions need to be taken to avoid a hostile environment at work. They are careful not to take personal differences and arguments to the workplace.

Go ahead, don't shun that handsome colleague anymore! Try that cocktail mix of work and love!

Written by Archana KB


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