Here's why Bindu thinks SHEROES is more than just a job portal.

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Here’s a question. What exactly is SHEROES?

Is it just a job portal? Or is there something more to it?

One of our newest members in the SHEROES community, graciously penned down this post, reaffirming our belief in why women need more than just a job portal. Bindu Chaudhari, a La Martiniere alumna has had a fulfilling career, juggling different roles.

She has spent a large part of her working years in her husband’s telecom business, as in charge of the Back Office team. She is also a proficient freelance Career Development Facilitator. Now looking for a new and challenging role, Bindu joined SHEROES to shape her aspirations.

“ I am currently looking for work from home options that would best suit my qualifications and experience and have engaged myself actively in this regard. I have started an online research with some job portals. I think we’re very fortunate that today we have the option of choosing what best suits us, from a pool of convenient and customized job options!

There are several portals that offer such services, throwing open a multitude of job options once you register with them. I read about SHEROES in the Times of India; the name intrigued me and that’s how it caught my attention. I browsed through their website and felt that their concept was pretty amazing. And different.

Talk, share, discuss- no judgemental eyes on you! -

I found the people to be extremely informative not just about career choices or job opportunities but also about the enhancement of women’s personality. You can freely discuss your personal life without the fear of being judged. They update you about events that can help you upgrade your knowledge. This was something absolutely new vis a vis many other popular job portals. The one area we women tend to neglect, especially when we reach a particular stage in our lives is upgrading our skills. We move on with what we already have and don’t feel the need of any value addition. SHEROES throws light here and makes us conscious of it, by posting various career resources for women and reaching out to them. They even keep you informed about various events in different cities ....we all know how important it is to add some fun element in our otherwise mundane lives and break the monotony! You just don’t follow a career path, you can even follow a long forgotten passion!

Where mentors are just a click away! -

They have posted many stories of women who’ve achieved their goals despite the difficulties. They inspire you and motivate you to believe that if you can dream it, you sure can achieve it. Also, logging into their website made me feel like I’ve entered a familiar space, a comfort zone, to be honest. They’ve curated a team of professionals, the mentors as you call them, to guide you through your problems whether they’re personal, professional or even financial for that matter. And the best part? They’re just a click away.

A place to find like-minded women in-

It isn’t an easy life for women. At times, you have all these overwhelming emotions building up inside- fear, anger, angst, despondency or frustration.But this is a space where we can vent it out by talking about our issues. I experienced this feeling that it’s not all over for me. I have someone who will give me a direction and help me out with not just my ambitions, but also my inhibitions.  There are times when you feel that your problems are peculiar; that probably no one else in the world has gone through what you’re going through. But SHEROES is a place where you’ll find women you can connect with, on multiple levels. Women who dream of you, who might share your passion and most importantly, can understand your problems.  You can try the AskSHEROES helpline on the SHEROES App, and check for yourself.

The dream closest to my heart is to establish my own business set-up. This is for all my female friends. We all have some aspirations, things that we’ve dreamt for ourselves. Most of the times we let them pass. But I think it’s time we give our dreams their due. Let’s attach us to the right sources that will understand and help us with our goals. Just keep the passion burning within!!”

That’s the story Bindu had to share with us. We’re glad to hear from her! SHEROES is not just a job portal, certainly. It has other dimensions to it. It’s a place for all women, irrespective of their age or field. It’s a growth network with people who ask, share and help.

Discussions like these; revolving around your career, aspirations and the #Futureofwork for women will form an integral part of this year’s Mia’s #SHEROES Summit. It’s the largest congregation of women, corporates, and other stakeholders, to discuss women, their work space and yes, their #FutureOfWork.

Register for the SHEROES Summit by downloading the App, here.


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