From Objects To Living Beings

Last updated 5 Feb 2014 . 3 min read

With sexist advertisements from companies like Ford and Amul Macho, where women were either shown as home-makers or merely objectified, we didn’t expect much from Indian ad-makers. The Ford Figo ad showed gagged and tied women in the boot, the beauty product ads have since ages revolved only around women being fair and lovely. But fortunately the previous years have seen some exceptions and ad-makers, only a handful though, seem to have realized women are here for more. They have off-late portrayed Indian women as independent and strong working professionals.

The new ad from Tanshiq for their brand Mia was one, it targeted young working women. The ad shows contemporary women are capable of doing great work, buying their jewellery and are not here to be judged by anyone. The ad opens with a boss appreciating a young architect, Megha’s presentation. Before she leaves, the boss notices Megha’s dangly earrings and remarks, “Eh, Megha, lose those, na? Let's have the clients concentrate only on the presentation."

This despairs Megha and she coyly submits at first but later decides to rebel entering the conference room with the earrings still there. She catches her bosses stern and critical look and in a whisper says, “Don't worry. The presentation looks even better than me." The ad so wonderfully captures the aspirations of today’s working women, their desire to excel and look wonderful at the same time.

The ad doesn’t show either of the woman in a bad way. While Megha is upfront, the boss has a supportive demeanour of a senior who passes advice. It is a decent portrayal of women at workplace. 

Another great advertisement was of HDFC Smart plan for Women. The ad depicts the growth and independence of working Indian women. Apart from that it also throws light that these women are still the care-givers for their families

A young girl saves up for a trip to Europe for her parents. Her father is apprehensive when she suggests an expensive trip but is over-whelmed once he learns of her plan. 

We definitely need more ads with working women. The awakening and empowerment ads like the Whistling Woods Dekh le and Hero Pleasure have made their presence felt very well. It would be interesting to see what the ad-makers come up in future.

Do you know of any other ads on working women? Tell us what’s your favourite ad. Watch the space for more on women in media.

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