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Sapna Kappal teenager story Sapna Kappal teenager story

There comes a phase,

In every life.

It makes all the difference,

It helps you survive.

It builds or breaks,

That’s all up to you.

It's a phase to embrace,

Or leave it as you do.


I am Sapna Kappal and I am 14 years old. I have experienced, and am still experiencing, all of the mental, hormonal and physical changes associated with these few years. Mood swings are very common. Sometimes, I feel happy and then all of a sudden, I feel angry at every person around me. I am very comfortable in school. The reason why I feel so comfortable is that I am surrounded by people more or less the same age as me who understand me better than any adult would, because they are also going through the same things that I am going through at the same time.

We help each other go through everything and stand together, no matter what happens. This is the most beautiful thing about being with like-minded people. They understand me and I understand them equally well.

The opinion of people on different subjects varies from age to age. I tend to relate to the opinion of someone my age than an adult or a small child. A few years back, I suddenly happened to discover my passion for music and I started learning the keyboard. I gave Trinity London Electronic Keyboard examinations. After a couple of years, I got frustrated by the time span in which I was made to prepare for these exams and I decided to take a break.

That was the time when I explored myself and took up writing and poetry, first as a hobby that eventually developed into a passion as well.

After a year, in January 2017, I decided that I wanted to continue giving keyboard exams. I picked up from the basics and I am currently preparing for Grade Five, which I aim to complete by November 2018.

As my passion for writing increased, I decided to take it up in the long run. I got inspired real-life events and I wrote about them. One of them is a long story which will be published soon. As a teenager, managing my time with the school was not very easy. I took out time for music, writing and studies. I wrote the book over a span of around nine months. I included facts and newspaper articles related to the incidents around which I had woven a story.

At this point of time, I am confused if I should pursue music or authorship, though my inclination is more towards music. I had a blog on Wordpress that I recently restarted and I try to post on it regularly. I write whatever I feel like writing. I am grateful for the support that I receive from family and friends and also people on the internet who read my words. One portal for me is Instagram, where I can share my words and retain my anonymity too.

All the highs and lows make a person who they are. The highs give them happiness and exposure, while the lows teach them unforgettable lessons. It is very truly said that 'life is the best teacher' and I am just a beginner as a student, to a teacher we call life.

I feel that people shouldn’t be fake, they should stand out instead of trying to fit in. There are different kinds of people that we encounter. Some of them are too ambitious to bother about what is going on in the lives of others. Some are too self-centered to realize that what they speak might hurt other people. Some are too precarious, they try to handle life like adults and tend to lose their childhood, and some maybe too soft spoken or too outgoing. All these kinds of people, and more, give us a different angle of life, but how they live does not matter. What matters is what we choose to be.

I am currently looking for more and more exposure in my preferable fields and interest, majorly writing and music. My parents are giving me opportunities to meet different people who can guide me, I recently met a Cambridge University Press personnel who advised me on how to choose my career and told me other useful things that helped me a lot.

sapna kappal
Sapna in the papers


I am not a fan of people who write for money or business but I greatly admire people who work for something that they deserve, who write for people and emotions and Art and You. They are the real artists. Artists who work hard to achieve their goals are real Artists and promoters of Art. Writing what I feel is very important for me. Whatever I write, I cannot write under pressure. The time from my new and old pieces may even extend to several months, but it doesn’t matter, because whenever I do write, I put my heart and soul to present a piece that I would not have been able to present, if I kept a timeline.

I collect information and feelings and print smiles and tears on paper. I am proud of such things that I do.

I am very happy to see how far I have reached and I want to work harder. I am trying to find time to do everything, but if I have the passion, I know that I will find time for everything. In the beginning of my tenth standard, by seeing the amount of work and considering the fact that the marks this year will decide my future, I was slightly frazzled and I had decided to quit music, again. But after a talk with my parents and my teacher, I decided to continue music, for it is more like a stress buster.

I also enjoy travelling. I have been to nine countries and I want to explore the world and break physical and mental boundaries. Making a difference in the world is not an easy task. Do something so great that you are remembered years after even if you are no more. Examples of this are the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling and the brilliant research done by Stephen Hawking, who passed away recently at the age of 76. The Harry Potter series, one of my favourite, was written 20 years ago, but children are still reading it. The life story of the author herself is an inspiration for everyone looking for motivation in the world. Stephen Hawking's research and philosophy are the reasons why his death was immensely mourned by millions of people on several portals like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I want to create a mark that lasts forever and I can only achieve it by working hard.

Life was never meant to be easy and a real warrior is the one that slashes challenges with a sword rather than dropping it at the mere sight of blood.


This article is written by 14-year-old Sapna Kappal. She’s a certified keyboard player from the Trinity Music School, London and is authoring articles on WordPress. Young of years and old of wisdom, she’s aspiring for a career in literature and liberal arts.
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