Finding Work Through Rajashree's Story

Published on 9 May 2016 . 5 min read

Tell us about yourself and your roots?

I’m Rajashree; spiritual not religious, always driven by my intuitions and like to fly like a colorful kite against the winds. I have a craving to create a niche for myself as a writer. I hail from Assam and had my education in a convent school that inculcated within me discipline and strong values.

My parents have been very inspiring and supportive with my mother being my idol. She always told me that adverse situations are part of life and in such situations I shouldn’t break down but might bend for a time being in order to stand up head-held high and with all vigor.

Marriage came with many responsibilities and duties but motherhood taught me the ultimate lesson that “in order to inculcate the best in a kid one must practice it first”. I think work and family can be well balanced only if every member complements each other, and a me-time is very important for every woman as it helps in self-contemplation and in making happy, confidence and a better person of us.

I had been a voracious reader and loved to write and compose poems, so gradually got diverted towards the artistic side of mine or as per the allusion in The Alchemist “Maktub” i.e. It’s written. My closest pals of year’s acquaintance and an year or less, has been always encouraging me to enhance my writing skill and the final turning point came when Monika Majithia from Sheroes became my professional mentor.

What does your current role entail? 

I got hired by CRB Tech Solutions , Pune as a Content Writer and I must say the day I walked in for my interview, I got positive vibes in the atmosphere and on joining I realized that again my intuitions were right. In words of Charles Eames “Eventually everything connects—people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” And this holds so well with the workplace ambience of my office and a very supportive and friendly team, is of added value. Getting an opportunity as per my expectations after a sabbatical is like breathing in fresh air.

Share with us a little bit about your career and education journey and the highlights of it. 

My entire education is done from Assam, I belong to the science stream and I have done Honors in Zoology with Distinction and then completed my Masters in Biotechnology. I came to Pune after marriage and  tried  luck in my field and other but couldn’t feel the passion in  profession , as if I wanted something different or I was not doing what I’m meant to. This January I again started writing articles and poems but decided not to keep them in my diary so got a few published as Guest Posts and one as a winning entry; with some more in process.

What is your source of inspiration and what would you say to women on their career journeys?

My Motherhood journey is my source of inspiration. The cliché is very true that “when a child is born, a mother is also born”. My perception towards life changed and I decided to completely get absorbed in the blissful journey for two years and enjoyed every moment. In this process learnt a lot from my daughter as learning has no age. Even during this period I tried to figure out, how to give feathers to my dreams and aspirations; eventually I did it.

My message to women on their career journeys: Don’t forget your significance and be financially independent and create an identity, because you never know when destiny acts cruel and you would be left alone in person or psychologically, but your identity will never leave you.

My words to the women in sabbatical : don’t think a gap has been created, just take it as a period of rest, some has longer and some has shorter ones; you always have chances to start new, there are diverse fields and opportunities and only you can make the difference.

A sharing of my thought “If an infant can achieve milestones like crawlling , sitting, standing and then walking all by oneself in a year then why can’t we grown up women can’t transform our life  with our determination and perseverance?” We Can and We Should!

Do you have a SHEROES Story? 

One evening I was returning from a holy shrine in Pune; I usually visit that place to find some solace. Their my intuition directed me to seek help from Sairee Chahal, CEO Sheroes. But I didn’t know how to contact her, didn’t have her email ID and no social media contacts except Twitter. I thought of contacting her via a Twitter message. Thanks to Sairee for taking my message seriously, and her cooperation and later Monika’s selfless counseling helped to take the path which I would have never thought of opting. I can recall Monika responded to every call of mine or message, and was always patient and kind in her attitude. It’s Monika who made me realize that with my scientific background and artistic talent I can be very analytical and at the same time creative and so I should pursue writing as my career and see through the opportunities. Till now writing was my hobby; so I decided to take this up as my profession too.  In hours of identity crisis more than friends and family, I think one need a professional mentor and I was well guided by SHEROES as a team. 

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