Finding A Work-From-Home Opportunity: Rachel's Story

Published on 18 Apr 2016 . 5 min read


Tell us about yourself and your roots?

I am Rachel Jala from Hyderabad. I have been married for 8 and ½ years and have two beautiful boys 6 years and 3years old each.

I am a choir singer and I like to go on holidays with my family.

What does your current role entail? 

My current role is that of a Customer Service Manager and executive assistant to the chief technology officer. It involves a lot of dealing with US and Canada clients, setting up their account with MyOutcomes, dealing with clients queries, emailing them regarding new versions of MO . Carry out various admin functions etc..

Share with us a little bit about your career and education journey and the highlights of it. 

I have completed my Masters in commerce. Immediately after my graduation in 2000 I got an offer to work at HSBC –HDPI as a customer service executive in the mortgage department.  I played various roles being a CSE, I was a certified call coach , process trainer and used to  conduct department inductions to new employees.  I got an offer to train Malaysians employees at Malaysia for 4 months and I this transition helped me as I became more confident in my job . I was promoted as an Assistant Manager  Operations and I was sent to Birmingham –UK to get trained on Securities process.

The best part about Birmingham was that I met my Husband there.  I was married to Steve in 2007 and in 2008 I quit my Job as I relocated to London (My husband was working for a council in London). I tried my best to get into a job in London, but all my trials failed as there was Job recession going on and mostly the organisations were preferring Britians.  This was the most demotivating factor of my life as I was used to work.

I had my first baby “Derrick” in 2010 in London and for my second baby “Daniel” I came back to Hyderabad, hoping that I would start working asap. I started to hunt for jobs in 2013 and all my trials failed as no organisation was accepting me as I had a gap of 5 years in my career. A gap I had for motherhood. I lost all hopes, my husband quit his job in London and joined us in Hyderabad.

Life was a roller coaster to for as everyday I went for an interview and I got rejected . I started applying for Level 1 jobs as a CSE and the rejection continued.

Finally I got an offer to work as a part time employee at Amazon as a Customer Service Executive, I enjoyed working with Amazon. Within 4 months I got converted to full time employee due to my performance. I never wanted to quit Amazon as I finally got an opportunity, after 3 months being a FTE I had to work in shifts and my second child was just 1 year old, it became very very difficult to work in rotational shifts and I had to quit the organisation. I then got an oppourtunity to work with Indo American chamber of Commerce as a branch secretary, the worst ever organstion I had worked in my life, I was very honest and hard working in my work, increased the sales of the organisation and organised many events which was much appreciated by all except my chairman, who was very jealous because clients started calling me for queires rather than the chairman. He informed the head office to increase my probation period from 6 months to 1 year. I took a decision on the spot and resigned immediately.

From  October 2015 I was jobless until I got Myoutcomes offer in mid march 2016 through Sheroes.

What is your source of inspiration and what would you say to women on their career journeys?

My source of Inspiration is God, I believe that we need not worry for anything as he has promised to take care of us.

I would say to all the women who might have similar situation like me to never give up, the best is still to come, just trust in yourself and your abilities, and as I got an opportunity every women would also.

Do you have a SHEROES Story? 

I became a member of Sheroes in Feb end and applied for work from home jobs. On March 7 2016, I got a call from Netherlands and I thought it was a spam call, still I answered the call and it was the HR manager of Myoutcomes, she interviewed for about 10 mins and then I had been interviewd by the directors after a week. And on  March 15 2016 I started working with Myoutcomes. I am currently on my probation with MO.

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