Find Your Passion, Then Get The Right Work-life Balance: Nipun Singhal

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 What happens when one of the most successful corporate honchos makes time to transport himself away from the physical boardroom onto a virtual conversation hangout? Nipun Singhal,  Director, LLOYD Electric & Engineering Ltd. is an Engineering & Management graduate from Oxford University, a Rhodes Scholar, who has held several senior management positions in consumer durable & appliance companies for the last 15 years. For those who met him at the LLOYD SHEROES Summit on August 10, he also came across as someone who was grounded, approachable, and as someone who put qualities of being humane and empathetic as high as he did business and corporate acumen. He spoke from the heart at the CXO panel at the #SHEROESSummit, and this morning (August 11) Nipun @nipunsinghal999 and @MyLloydIndia, engaged in a live Twitter chat with ‏@SHEROESIndia, and some of our online followers joined in. Here are the excerpts, edited, for flow and clarity.

SHEROES @SHEROESIndia: Can you share a bit about your career journey?

Nipun Singhal: I graduated from Oxford University and joined 3M UK for about a year. Unfortunately due to my father’s ill health, I returned to India. I have been working in India since the past 25 years in diverse industries and companies.

SHEROES @SHEROESIndia: What made you join @MyLloydIndia and how has your journey been so far with them?

Nipun Singhal: I joined @MyLloydIndia in 2008 and the challenge of nurturing a newly born brand was exciting.

SHEROES: So in a way it was like running a start-up. Did you enjoy the chaos and setting of processes?

Nipun Singhal: Absolutely, you nailed it...!!! The journey thus far could not have been more rewarding, as in Air Conditioner's we are at 13-14 percent market share. The brand is redefining service standards in the industry and customers are delighted, like never before.

Isha Sharma @ishajuly: How does a normal day in @nipunsinghal999 life look like?

Nipun Singhal: To be honest, I love what I do. So, I practically work through the day. Weekends are with family and friends.

SHEROES: What were the things you looked into initially at @MyLloydIndia?

Nipun Singhal: The two most important areas initially was quality of products and our after sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and network.

SHEROES: How was it handled? Share more details?

Nipun Singhal: There was simple benchmarking against the top three brands for product. For service, it was a team effort of pooling in experience and ideas.

Avani Parekh @alittlemasala: Do you think your exposure outside of India played a large role in your career journey? How?

Nipun Singhal: Yes. The  West is more discerning for quality standards and service expectations.

Ruchir Agrawal: @MyLloydIndia is a renowned for its customer service, how do you maintain such high standards?

Nipun Singhal: Download the Mylloyd App for revolutionary connect and customer satisfaction. There is a long flow from service request in to KKG code which means customer is happy. If there’s no code, our cell will ensure happiness.

SHEROES: How do you see diversity at workplace?

Nipun Singhal: It is the essence of successful workplaces.

SHEROES: What’s the gender diversity status at @MyLloydIndia?

Nipun Singhal:  @MyLloydIndia is still not at 50:50!! But is getting there.

SHEROES: Can you share a bit more, what is being done to reach that 50:50 ratio?

Nipun Singhal: By evaluating new recruits on merit but give preference to women with equal capability.

SHEROES: What is the #futureofwork ? Is it #remotework ?

Nipun Singhal: Yes, with digital connectivity. The location of work is less important.

Bhuvnesh Gangotia ‏@bgangotia: @MyLloydIndia was one of the sponsors for #SHEROESSummit How is the experience?

Nipun Singhal: Fantastic!! We look forward to a long term partnership.

Amrit Sharma @amrit_sharma: Do you have a Lloyd's air purifier running at your home? Have you felt any benefits?

Nipun Singhal: Yes, but only when the AC is on. And if windows and/or doors are open, then not really.

Amrit Sharma: Cool. Who is the right person to talk to at Lloyd's that handles the marketing and bizdev for air purifiers?

Nipun Singhal: Anybody in the sales and marketing team.

Puneet Dhillon @puneetdhill: What's more important work life balance or work life bank balance?

Nipun Singhal:For me it is work life balance. My needs are very frugal.

Puneet Dhillon @puneetdhill: How much would women earn,  working out of remote areas, with your organisation?

Nipun Singhal : It is not dependant on location but work output

Amrit Sharma: What advice or wisdom would you give the 25 year old Nipun Singhal right now? #timetravel

Nipun Singhal: Find your passion, and then get the right work-life balance.

Ankur Sharma @ankursharma_06: What is one piece of advice you want to share with budding entrepreneur?

Nipun Singhal: Fortune favours the brave and hardworking.

SHEROES @SHEROESIndia:What are your life mantras?

Nipun Singhal: Karma is the route to everything. Be a good person before a good professional/ entrepreneur. Have  passion for whatever you choose to do. Do more than think. Enjoy work. Celebrate life.

Ankur Sharma @ankursharma_06:How has the role of women transformed in corporate world in the past few decades?

Nipun Singhal: Women now exercise their potential and prove that they are equal in every way.

Puneet Dhillon @puneetdhill: What's is more important Do good work, or enjoy your work? Advice for corporate professionals?

Nipun Singhal: Enjoy work. Good work will follow.

SHEROES: And lastly @nipunsinghal999 your advice to women who want to join @MyLloydIndia?

Nipun Singhal: Don't waste a minute. Send in your CV!    

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