Providing A Platform For Kids To Showcase Their Talents

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explore promote talented kids explore promote talented kids

World Of Kidz is a platform which was created in India to explore and promote talent in kids. It ran online contests, published magazines, hosted shows and events, worked with NGOs etc apart from organizing a horde of activity classes and training for kids. 

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SHEROES was able to interview Nupur Garg, CEO & Founder of World of Kidz, and here’s what she has to say.

I come from a humble defence class family background. I have done my MBA in Human Resources. In my free time, I enjoy singing, dancing, painting, travelling and most importantly, anything that takes me around people.

I always believed that each child is a star in his own way and it’s our duty to provide a platform to the kids to explore and showcase their talent. This very thought inspired me to set up World Of Kidz.

World Of Kidz is an event company providing a platform for kids to explore and showcase their talent. We do not restrict ourselves to any boundaries but create events around dance, drama, fashion, public speaking, intellectual activities and anything which is connected to kids. The biggest joy is that I am doing something which I’m really passionate about and this platform takes me around kids who have an endless potential and talent. The biggest challenge when setting up a new business is always dealing with the unknown.

We are all about children. Each kid is a star and has a lot of hidden talents. Motivating them and nurturing the skills is the biggest gift as adults, which we can provide them with. My humble request to all parents would be to motivate kids in participating in various events (within or outside World Of Kidz), which will help them to explore their talent. You can get more info on our upcoming event on our website.

Now in Singapore, World Of Kidz did their first event on 5th November. The show was a roaring success with kids participating in the top three performing arts – Dance, Drama or Dialogue.

Advice To Budding Entrepreneurs

My top 3 advice would be:

1. Be passionate about your business.
2. Do not allow fear of failure to hold you back.
3. Believe in yourself.

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About ‘Way To The Stage 2018’

It’s an opportunity for kids to showcase their talent. The kids will get the right atmosphere and as we believe that each kid is a star, everyone will get a trophy, a certificate and a goody bag. It’s more about providing a platform where they can perform in front of a crowd and feel confident.

To the children participating, my advice is to be yourself, practice well in the next few days before the finals and reflect confidence in your performance.

The event is scheduled for April 14th with Auditions planned on March 4th, 2018. The children have an option to participate either in dance or in walking the ramp. To find out more about World Of Kidz or to register for the upcoming event click here and here.

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