Start Small. Dream Big. Achieve It. And Then Dream Bigger!

Published on 2 Aug 2019 . 1 min read

dream big achieve bigger dream big achieve bigger

Shelly Luthra, the founder of Ornate Jewels began her humble venture from home. It has now grown into a 10-member family that works from a commercial office space. It handles all things in-house including the manufacturing of all the jewellery.

Shelly, recognised the scope for e-commerce, she began retailing via an online platform. Born and brought up in Punjab. She now lives in Pune with her husband and daughter. She enjoys spending her downtime with her child and reading a book. 

Women Entrepreneurs 

I have always admired women entrepreneurs, the way they are listed on Forbes magazine covers and the news stories that talk about them in power positions. It intrigues me to see how women and their dreams have made such a valuable impact. Their stories and their pictures in the media inspired me all the way from my childhood to today and continues to inspire me to dream bigger.

Their power to make a change, make dreams come true and to take their own achievements a step forward, inspires me the most. It is their success that lured me to take charge of my dreams and make my own power - Ornate Jewels. I soon realized that my personality and my outlook towards life fits perfectly well with my career decision.

I was transferred from a small quaint town to a very busy big city in the US - New York. It is indeed a city of dreams because I found my calling there. I worked for very reputed companies and learned my craft, became a business-minded person and understood the value of time. I tried to grow my wings with my business in India by launching my manufacturing business in Hong Kong. We catered to many international brands which inspired me to start my line in silver for the Indian market and bringing affordable high-quality jewellery for every woman, to India. 

I recognised that there was a demand for stylish, allergy-free, affordable precious metal jewellery which is lightweight. 

As I mentioned before I was very driven to pave my path but, I was young in the business and naive. I faced many difficulties, especially in terms of time and money.

Management and Leadership go hand in hand 

In the beginning, my strategy was to begin my business so I brought three web addresses. I invested 1000 USD of my savings and began making jewellery. Along the way, I realized that there was more to a business than just being able to manufacture and sell. I had to learn and apply some management skills to my business. I was extremely sensitive towards my employees even if they were bad for business, so I learned to let them off with respect and due diligence.

Privilege and access are very subjective, but having access to resources is definitely of advantage. Does it in any way mean that achieving success becomes easy, not at all. 

Having access is just one part of a business, but, there are many aspects of a business that no one tells you about until you get in the game and get your hands dirty.

Technology is gender-neutral, it doesn’t care if a man or woman is behind it. Today’s women are flying fighter jets because technology has made it happen. We are far ahead from the times when women could never join the army and be the foot soldiers. I think, technology has given them wings and opportunities. Thanks to the technology and the rise of e-commerce I am able to run my business successfully and with pride. I didn’t have to face the issues that normally women have to go through when working alongside men. It is simply about my products and my labour of passion that is given its due attention.

Anyone can be a business person but not everyone can be successful. You need to struggle through a storm of troubles, keep your passion burning and work hard to come close to your success. This applies to everyone no matter how privileged you are or how much is handed to you on a platter.

Dream big!

Dream. Have a dream. Have a big dream. Achieve your dream and dream again. 

The start or beginning is the key, one has to start, act and follow-through, face troubles and issues and become successful.

Take advantage of your resources. We women have the power to make a loving community wherever we go, that is why we must take other women along with us in our journey to success so we all succeed together. You never know who and how you inspire others.

So, dream on.

Work-life Integration

I think it is a matter of how you plan each day. A personal and professional life in many ways goes hand in hand. Your job or business is where you spend most time of the day at so when you come home, be nice and spend a memorable time with your loved ones. They will always give you the power to have a better day at work because they know you care for them by giving your undivided attention when you’re at home.

While at work, it is important to focus so you can channelize your energy and passion in solving roadblocks if you have any and being creative in taking your dream to the next level.

All of this is about finding a fine balance and making a sweet spot in your life where these things work like a well-oiled machine. It is not a cakewalk for sure but it doesn’t need to be a steep hill climb either.

Satarupa Kaur
Satarupa Kaur is a writing consultant who has a solution for the alpha and omega of any writing allied issue! From web content to marcomm, from catchy copies to stories, from corp profiles to blogs - she believes in sipping from diverse cups that find a corner in this industry. She’s a passionate writer and a SHEROES community member.

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