Don't Just Upload A Picture Of Your Dad This Father's Day

Published on 18 Jun 2017 . 4 min read

Buying your father another Father's Day gift is good option but it isn't enough. Don't feel bad if you're getting another shirt for your PAPA, but does a gift speak enough of the appreciation your Superman (read father) deserves?

Our fathers are our (S)HEROES!

A father is the one who believes in you when you're too weak to believe in yourself. He's one to appreciate your food even when it's unpalatable. He's one to always push you to be the best. He's one to save you from your mother's scoldings. He's your rock to fall back onto, he's your knight in shining armour who could pull you out of any trouble and push you up and up till you learn to fly.

And, now you're flying. You're flying so high that you've forgotten a lot about what a superhero your father is. It's Father’s Day, here’s ways to give your father some things he'd truly appreciate-

Your time

No I don't mean you sit around your father scrolling your phone or sitting next to him at meals. Give your father your time for real, the way he did to teach you things. Fathers don't ask for much. They ask for nothing in fact. But that doesn't mean you mistake it for him not wanting it. Talk to your father about him this time. Go visit your father if you haven't.

Keep the communication alive

It's no news that most of us go low on interaction with our fathers after a certain age. Half the times, it's through mothers that our fathers learn what's happening with us. Dads deserve more than indirect conversations. Talk to your father regarding things concerning his life and also share the smallest aspects of your life. This would only improve your bond. And if nothing, I assure you would get a blissful sense of direction after speaking to him.

Rekindle an old passion of your father

You've seen your Dad being passionate about fishing, biking, poker or anything as a kid. But as you got older, responsibilities took over your dad and his passions took a back seat. This would be the best time to reignite a lost interest. Make a thoughtful gesture by planning a fishing trip with your dad, gifting him a set of poker or taking him on a bike trip. He'd would more than appreciate it.

It's your turn to push him towards newer experiences

You would remember being scared of having the support wheels of your cycle removed. But your father pushed you do it. When you were comfortable riding a two wheeler, he pushed you to learn how to drive a car. He's always pushed you to do more. It's your time to take your father outside his comfort zone, and teach him newer and better things. It could be anything. Teaching how to use an advanced smartphone or even something small as an electric trimmer instead of a razor. Help him do things that he has been hesitant about taking up- like cooking, swimming or travelling. Persuade him for better treatments if he needs any. Upgrade his items of utilities for newer and better ones for his time could be utilised for something better.

Make his life more comfortable

This goes beyond everyday utilities. It's not a need but a why not. Your father is getting older and he could definitely use some pampering. Book a spa appointment or even better,  buy him a massaging chair. Get him a recliner or a better room heater. Anything that helps put your father in more comfortable place, for he did all he could to make you comfortable.

Relieve him of responsibilities

It goes without saying that the biggest present you can give your father is relieving him of responsibilities. Whether it's your own or someone else’s. Do what you can to help and share the burden of responsibilities that have been causing constant stress. It could be either financial or emotional. I'm sure there's ways you could be of help. And this way, you gift your father happiness and peace this Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers!

Megha Dadarwal
22, Dentist, passionate yogi who loves dogs and beaches.

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