Don’t Let The Change Hold You Back

Published on 8 Jul 2014 . 2 min read

You have got the dream job you always wanted. It pays you twice of what you were getting previously. The job profile is much better but you are in a dilemma. The job you got is in a new city, hundred miles away, with no friends and family around. The very thought of migrating to an alien land is petrifying. Here are a few tips to make it happen:

1) Take the leap:

If you have got a new job, you obviously had applied for it and appeared for the interview. Be prepared to take the leap in your career. It must be easier said than done, but brace yourself to be in an absolutely new place for a better career. There is nothing better than getting a huge salary raise or job profile you desired for. You will probably have to leave your friends, family, pet behind but what were Skype and Facebook created for? Don’t be afraid of grabbing a good opportunity because of fear of change.

2) Know the new place:

Read travel blogs, try to learn as much as you can about the place. Research about the suitable places to live in, good eating joints and all the places you can visit. Each city has something unique about it, explore the place. Be a traveler; try to know people around you. Treat relocating as a new adventure, it can be fun.

3) Build a social network:

Relocating to a new city, where you know no one can be a scary thought. But if you build a social network, keep connected and join forums it is likely that you will know someone in most of the important cities.

4) Find ways of entertainment:

You might not have a lot of friends in the new place, but you can always make new ones. And what’s a better place to find friends other than hobby classes? Hobby classes are where you will find like-minded people to interact with, go beyond work. Involve yourself in something you enjoy after your work hours.

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