Digital Vidya: Certified Web Analytics Master (CWAM) Course

Published on 16 Dec 2014 . 3 min read

Digital Vidya, Asia's leading Digital Marketing Education company brings to you a Web Analytics Master Certification.

Course Description:

Digital media is no more a new means of marketing. It has already shadowed traditional form of marketing and helped a lot of companies to produce incredible results. As per the reports of Mafoi, 10,000 jobs were created only in social media in the year 2012 and the growth rate of digital media was more than 25%, all across Asia in the year 2013.

Web Analytics plays a pivotal role in Digital media and possess great opportunities for the professionals and students who wish to explore this new trend of marketing and wish to build a rewarding career in the same.

Web Analytics Masters Certification will cover all the key areas of Web Analytics including Overview of Web Analytics; Insights on Google Analytics; Navigating Google Analytics; Understanding of Traffic Sources, Content, and Visitors; Goals & E-commerce; Actionable Insights & the Big Picture; Web Analytics Tools; Common Mistakes analysts make; Social Media Analytics; and Social CRM & Analytics.

Who should attend?

1) Sales and Business Development Professionals

2) Advertising & Marketing Professionals

3) CXOs

4) Brand Managers and Media Planners

5) Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC,SEM, Social Media) Professionals

6) Web Strategists

7) Product Managers

8) CRM Professionals

9) Management Students 

Course Coverage:

1) Overview / Introduction of Web Analytics: Learn the basics of Web Analytics, its significance for small, medium and large scale businesses.

2) Insights on Google Analytics: Get to know about Google Analytics, how it works, how to create account, profile and who the users are.

3) Navigating Google Analytics: This includes information related to basic metrics and main sections of Google Analytics reports.

4) Traffic Sources: Know about different sources of generating traffic through campaigns, AdWords, Adsense etc.

5) Content: Learn details about website & landing pages’ content, event tracking and much more.

6) Visitors: Learn how to get unique visitors, create technical reports, what is benchmarking etc.

7) Goals & E-commerce: This includes how to set-up goals, create goal reports and track e-commerce.

8) Actionable Insights & the Big Picture: This includes revision of Google Analytics reports and tools, by using resources to create data driven culture.

9) Web Analytics Tools

10) Making Better Decisions

11) Summing Up

12) Common Mistakes analysts make

13) Social Media Analytics: This involves analytics of social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc.

14) Social CRM & Analytics: This includes workflow management, sentiment analysis, text analytics etc.

Course Schedule:

There will be 2 types of sessions:

Online Training Sessions (Instructor-led)

Upcoming Date: Jan 13, 2015

Attendance: Manadatory


digital vidya web analytics course
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