Creating Your Resume After A Career Break

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Resume After A Career Break Resume After A Career Break

Whether your break was due to motherhood, due to moving abroad without a work visa or other reasons – given the bias against breaks in employment history, it is a fact that a career break for women in India can mean the end of a career for women.

However, how your resume reads can definitely make a difference to your search for a job after a break. Here are some tips to help you beef up your resume and get you that job you want:

Sairee Chahal, Co-Founder, Fleximoms, says, “There is a perceived lack of commitment for back to work professionals. Does your resume break that perception?” One way to do this is by including upfront a clear statement of your career objectives. For example:

“Communications specialist with over 6 years of experience, looking to work with growing businesses in the retail industry where my experience with in-store communication and CRM programs and with working in dynamic environments can make a significant difference to customer loyalty and sales.”

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It tells the employer that you are not just looking for a job, but have a long-term plan in mind.

Some consultants advise ‘creative’ ways to hide the gaps in your employment history – for e.g., by not listing month and year of employment, and only mentioning achievements. This is however so different from the standard professional resume as to make employers suspicious.

TyAnn.R.Osborn, Director, Human Resources for the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, that supports NGOs across many countries, including India, says, “I would much rather see a well-written resume with gaps, than some attempt at creativity in covering up the time. Use the cover letter as your opportunity to address any gaps, and why you are the right person for the position.”

Many resumes are vague and talk about ‘achievements’ and ‘strengths’ with no specifics. If you have no metrics to share from your break, do include some metrics from your past jobs at least.

Read more tips on writing a resume post a career break, and do share what has worked for you!

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