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Getting Ready For An Interview After Career Break

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Getting Ready For An Interview After Career Break Getting Ready For An Interview After Career Break

Women take career breaks for a number of reasons, including raising children, higher studies, travelling or simply because they need a break . A gap in your employment history doesn't automatically disqualify you from a prospective job. In fact, if an employer has invited you for an interview after looking at your resume, he's obviously willing to look past the break in your career. The interviewer is open to give you the same consideration as applicants with a consistent work history. Once you sit for the interview, it's up to you to explain your break from the workforce and your readiness to restart - in a way that is satisfactory to the interviewer.

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You don't have to provide all the details surrounding your career break. We also recommend, do not try to oversell your break either. You took a break and you accept that! Explain the reason for break briefly, but don't offer more information than necessary. If you were raising children, tell employers you needed time away to ensure that the early years of the child were under your care but that you have built a good support system around the children now and you are ready to restart.

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Highlight Temporary and Volunteer Work

If you kept busy during your break, use your experiences to showcase your skills, qualifications and knowledge. Mention anything you did, including temporary or freelance work or volunteer positions. When the interviewer asks you for how you handled certain situations and used specific skills, use instances from your temporary or volunteer work. For example, if you are an accountant and helped a non-profit keep its books in a volunteer capacity, you can show that you stayed close to your profession. This demonstrates that even if your last full-time job was five years ago, you maintained or even developed your skills. It also portrays you as someone with initiative and drive, and tells employers you like to stay busy regardless of the circumstances.

Emphasize What You Learned

Some employers might be concerned that after so much time away from the job, you will be out of touch with current industry trends and developments. They might worry that training you will require too much time or money, or that your lack of current skills will hinder your job performance. Address these concerns by showing employers you can quickly get up to speed at your new job. If you took any courses during your break, explain what you learned and how it applies to the job you're interviewing for. Elaborate on how this course has prepared you for returning to work.

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Explain Why You're Ready

Employers might worry that you're not prepared to return to the workforce. An interviewer might fear you'll have difficulty juggling the pressures of a full-time job and your personal life. Explain to employers that your issues are behind you and you're looking forward to returning to work. Also, tell them why this is the right time for you to go back to work. Tell since that you're eager to return to the working world since your children are now in school all day. And that, you want to use the skills you learned in college and in previous companies.

Ask the right questions

At some point in the interview, the interviewer will ask, if you have any questions. Do your research and make a list of possible questions. Your best questions will show that you have done your research and have a sincere interest in the company and its operations.

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