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Published on 3 May 2019 . 1 min read

iclick campaign sheroes iclick campaign sheroes

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination” - Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau’s words of wisdom convey how the world is our canvas and is filled with infinite possibilities for us to pursue. These stirring words remind me of a time in life….

A buried dream:

Allow me to paint you a picture of my artistic flair (pun intended!). The ‘Art’ bug bit me at a very young age and my ever-so-supportive mother enrolled me in a zillion hobby classes to hone my arty-side.

The painting/sketching classes didn’t do much for me, as to this day if I draw a loaf of bread, I have to label it, coz otherwise, you can’t tell what I have drawn, and it looks like well, I’ll leave it to your imagination. My instructor would say “Practice is the key to good art”. Let’s just agree to disagree in this case!

With a heavy heart, I buried the dream of making it big in the art world until I joined the SHEROES Art, Craft and Photography community. SHEROES Art, Craft and Photography community is a common space for all art and craft lovers where they can share painting, sketches, DIY, photos and more. Being a proud SHEROES myself, I have had the privilege of witnessing the artistic competence of many amateurs as well as procreative minds in the community.

The community offers a daily dose of creative inspiration and is a great place to start your morning with a wealth of amazing illustrations, breathtaking photos, stunning imagery, colourful mandalas, goofy doodles, realistic sketches and what not!

Every morning I would scroll through the latest creative shares on the platform. The women on the platform have a bunch of ideas to express their creativity. Soon, I realized that painting and sketching aren’t my only choices as an art enthusiast. I took shine to the photography option and now I am happy to announce that I can click like a pro and my insta feed is a testimony of the same.

Long story short, from my own story and that of many fellow SHEROES, I conclude that a community like ‘Art, Craft and Photography’ can act as a means to an end, the end being the ability to uncover your creative knack and leave it open for the world to watch and appreciate.

Every SHEROES has a chance:

With a community like ‘Art, Craft and Photography’ women are getting a chance to showcase their creative talent, thereby giving them a huge opportunity to present diverse art forms. Everyday women share new artworks based on their artistic craft and vision.

Through the SHEROES app it is easy to share your art with the community - You can publish your work, connect with like-minded people who share your interest, comment on each other’s creative ventures, ask questions, take suggestions, get feedback and gain an outsider's perspective on your work. All-in-all this wonderful platform allows you to share your passion with a passionate yet compassionate online art community. As an impassioned photography amateur, I watch and learn the amazing work of my fellow SHEROES and I must admit it is both encouraging and inspiring.  


The very recent #ICreate contest in SHEROES Art, Craft and Photography community saw a bunch of submission from landscapes to personal portraits, from animal photography to everyday observations -> Each click is a MASTERPIECE!

As the contest is now done and dusted, all the participants must be thanked for the remarkable response. The contest got bigger and better with the huge pile of brilliant submissions. Chandini Wig, our community moderator managed to whittle it down to these outstanding entries: -

Kavitha Shenoy shared a random click that she had clicked while commuting on the metro. She had captured a rare event in these gadget-obsessed times, where a young girl was seen with a book in her hands instead of a mobile!"

iclick random metro shot

Faiza Eram expressed her love for the mountains through some breathtaking photos. This wonderful click was captured in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Faiza also shared that the site was even more mesmerizing than what we see in the picture!

iclick mountains shot

Reena Thakkar’s click of the Rameshwaram temple is a rare combination of beauty and structure. The angle of the click very well captures the grand beauty of the holy shrine.

iclick rameshwaram

This one's for Tom - Jain Nancy shared a heartwarming picture of ‘Tom’ who she lovingly addresses as her son. She recently lost him and the share is probably a tribute for her fav pup.

iclick tom

Vinamrata Bhatia’s attempt to capture the beauty of nature in Mahabaleshwar where she spent her New Year 2019, deserves a million praises. The stunning image stands as a reminder of happy times.

iclick beauty of nature

Persis Angel couldn’t help but shoot some serious monkey business going down at the Alagar Temple, Madurai, Tamilnadu. Persis likes nature photography and this masterpiece fell right into her lap on a sunny afternoon.

iclick monkey on tree

Narayanee Sai’s love for sky photography made her get out of bed early one morning when she had planned to capture the spectacular sunrise. The morning sun, the golden sky, and the coconut tree all add a different element of beauty to the picture.

iclick morning sun

Jain Nancy shared a photo with an interesting story behind it. She clicked these pretty flowers while she was waiting to catch a glimpse of the one she desires the most. The flowers are a testament of a love story that’s about to commence.

iclick flowers

Nitika Chambyal admitted that clicking pictures in different styles is her current obsession. Capturing beauty on film is therapeutic to her.

iclick selfie

We got your back

Team SHEROES comes up with many such contests to keep the readers engaged and active. These contests offer women a chance to perfect their creative side. If you are also a creative head, meet SHEROES app – the most happening place for all things ART!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out SHEROES Art, Craft and Photography community and find out which new creative bomb they are blasting this time 💣💣💣

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