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7 Steps to Become A Proper Yoga Teacher

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As an enthusiast, yoga means so much to me. As a practice, the poses, the control of breath, the agility and the transformation, make yoga more than a physical activity. The effects are transcending, and the ability to control those thoughts make it a more fulfilling activity.

Lucky are the ones who have great masters who can guide them through the entire process. If you ever aspire to be one of them, yoga teacher-training programs are just for you.

Beginners who want to learn yoga or advanced learners who are looking forward to making a mark in the industry as a professional can opt for various programs rolled out by studios across the country.

Yoga instructors or teachers need to guide students who are just starting. However, it is impossible to do so if you, as a teacher, do not know enough.

Therefore, we make the process easy for you. Here are the golden rules that you need to follow if your passion for yoga finds itself happy in that professional studio.

Step - 1: Learn Yoga And Practice

You need to know about all the postures, asanas, bhanda, mudras, kriyas, etc. As a student, learning the name of the postures is just not enough. It is important that you question the importance of a particular posture and its benefits.

It might be disheartening in the beginning when others have managed to do a complete full forward bend whereas you are struggling to reach that knee! Instead of losing heart, focus and do not give up. It is all about practice.

As you progress, you can gradually figure out what type of yoga suits your style. Is it the hatha yoga or the Vinyasa yoga that inspires you to do better? Do you feel more comfortable with Ashtanga form?

When in doubt, contact your master who can guide you in the right direction.

Yoga Poses for Good Health

Step-2: Stay A Student, Never Stop Learning

Several yoga enthusiasts ask a common question,

“How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

When you stop learning, you stop growing. Yoga allows you to open up all energy centers of the brain and activate the senses, making you more focused and attentive.

Therefore, use the mechanism to enhance your skill set. Learn advanced forms such as hot yoga, power yoga, advanced power yoga, that can help you grow as an individual in both, professional and personal spaces.

Even after you have an RYT on your hands, do not stop attending yoga workshops or retreats. There is something new to learn every time you step into a new zone.

Step-3: Get That Hands-On Teacher Training Course

Another common question is,

How do you become a certified yoga instructor?

Several yoga retreats, institutions, studios offer a complete teacher training course when it comes to practicing yoga as an instructor. Yoga instructor-certification programs are custom made according to the level of practice.

These programs comprise of classes that extend over a duration of 200 hours for beginners and a 500 hours program for professionals looking to up their game.

Teacher training programs do not consist of teaching postures alone. A fully accredited course by a recognized body has a combination of practical and theory classes. At the end of each course, students need to take an exam that tests their knowledge and skills based on the learnings.

The most common features of a teacher training program involve teaching you meditation, pranayama, breathing practices, chanting, Sanskrit mantras, mudras, postures, asanas et al. Classes that include making the students aware of the physiological and psychological aspects of each posture, follow this.

Understand the diet, elements, and nuances that affect the body. You will learn that people are crazy to find ways to lose weight with yoga.

Most of the training programs focus on teaching anatomy and Ayurveda as well. As a holistic experience, we recommend that you sign up for a complete package.

Step-4: Get That Certification And Register Yourself

Now that you are adept at the practice, it is time to get your certification. Although many schools allow you to take a certification exam at the end of the course, it is of paramount importance that you register yourself with the primary body.

Yoga Alliance or the Registered Yoga Teacher are two globally recognized institutions that certify your skills as a yoga instructor. Even though it is voluntary, we recommend you get it for a more credible presence.

Yoga Exercises for healthy lifestyle

Step-5: Understand Your Audience

You have the skills and you have the tool to get the ball rolling. It is the time that you start your career off as a yoga instructor. You could choose to either be physically present among your students or upload videos as part of a yoga course online.

It is a part of making the practice more efficacious when you have the right voice modulation. A dead and expressionless voice inspires no one. As a master instructor, you need to connect with your students. Channelize that infectious energy, be creative with the instructions to keep the momentum going.

Step-6: Explain And Understand The Purpose

One could reminiscent the initial yoga days when they walked into the class for the first time. Your students share that same feeling. Before you get started with a posture or explain the number of repetitions involved, explain why the posture exists in the first place.

If it is a prenatal yoga class, explain to the mothers how the baby is benefitted or how essential it is for the body to adapt to the process. It gives a positive vibe to the practice, and somehow it is no longer monotonous, let’s just get over with this session.

Yoga classes are fun, and it should not be anything else. Do not make it otherwise by just piling on instructions that make no sense whatsoever.

Step-7: Introduce That Customised Fitness Course

Most fitness or health courses that exist nowadays are pure fads. Therefore, customize the package that you have to offer in the form of a happiness program or a stress management course that targets a specific audience. You could also take up a couple of yoga courses in a corporate arrangement.

Check out how you can turn yoga into a business.

As a yoga instructor, you become obligated to pay back to the community through your practice. Yoga promotes balance and harmony. It is one’s prerogative that they stay healthy and positive. You, as a yoga instructor, can promote well-being and good health in a community that is dear to you!

If you do have knowledge related to Yoga Exercises then you can share your knowledge and experience with the people in the Health Community

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