7 Online Love Gurus Who Talk Sense And Sensuality

Last updated 14 Jun 2018 . 1 min read

Sensual and sense love gurus Sensual and sense love gurus

We all need a little help with our love lives every once in awhile. Here are six (plus one!) click-worthy and cool places you can get your love-fix and call Cupid to your side, learn a little in the process, and have fun--all at the same time!

1. LoveDoctor : Hi! LoveDoctor is me and I am LoveDoctor. Talk to me on the SHEROES mentor page and ask me about love, relationships, and sex--get an unbiased honest answer. This is an open forum where no one judges you.  

2. LoveTreats: This is my favourite website for products and information on how to increase sensual pleasure. They have curated products, especially picked by their female cofounder--many of them for women. They are one of the few Indian-born pleasure products website dedicated to increasing your knowledge about how to make your love life more fulfilling, fun and full of spark!

3.  Agents of Ishq:  These agents are a multimedia project about sex, love and desire. They ‘make cool video, beautiful images and great audio about sex, love and desire in India’. 

4.  Love Matters : Here is a place to talk about sex with ‘an open, honest, and non-judgmental attitude’. They produce content that doesn’t offend people and fits in with the culture where you live. Find all the informative articles here and get to know your (and your partner’s) body better!

5.   The Pleasure Project:  This project is a brash site putting the sexy back in safe sex. Check out their open resources about how to make your intimate life fun and free of disease. They collate news from all over the world and present it in a fun, free way!

6. UrbanGirldom: A frank, no-holds-barred urban girl take on life, love, sex and everything in between. The all-women team here doesn’t mince words, and their stories are cheeky and refreshing. 

7. Hidden Pockets:  They  map the “pleasure centers” in cities across India, starting with Delhi. From taking a walk, to finding a cool safe place to hang out, to catching someone smiling at you, this cool website features the spaces and places that help you get in touch with fun and pleasure. Check out the map for safe, single women hangouts in Delhi.

However, sometimes things can go terribly wrong. Please do reach out and seek help.

Phones, and other technology we use daily, can be a valuable lifeline to friends, family and counselors that can help us get out of a violent relationship. I experienced this firsthand as a counselor in an initiative called Snapcounsellors, where we created content and counseled teens using the hugely popular SnapChat app. This was a partnership between Chayn India, LoveDoctor and Rajshekar Patil of TWBA.

Avani Parekh
Avani Parekh is the founder of LoveDoctor.in, a counseling portal for relationships, love and sexual health. She loves karaoke, sand between her toes and experimental cooking.

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