An Year-End-Review

Last updated 5 Dec 2016 . 4 min read

My Manager has asked me to submit a write up about whatever good I have done at work this year related to the business. He asked me to write all the initiatives I have taken for me and for the organisation.”

An year-end-review is the best way to bid adieu to an annual year. In our small ways we have changed the way we were since last year. Hence, lets take a stock of things and note where we are.

Let’s begin by what we had started this year with . We all had few direct goals to achieve and few aspirational ones.

The direct goals are the number of hours completed in achieving targets . Let’s list down the goals achieved on monthly or quarterly basis. The scorecard to your performance is a point of reference . However, its time we look beyond those measures.

Quantifying your achievements would an easy way to mention. Such as 30 products sold as against to 50 last year and 60 aimed in this year. Hence, as you are working towards your target you are improving each year.

What are the other achievements which were not mentioned in your goal sheet, yet they found you? No matter how small it might be, please note it. Such as, if you are in operations and you managed to remove bottle-necks which helped the supply chain team to deliver products faster.

In case you a solution provider, how many times did you researched on your clients need and found the requirement which they had never mentioned? Alternatively, how did you help in forecasting with your research?

Mention the projects managed and how they helped you grow. Reflect how the projects were initially assumed and how different they were while you were delivering it. Now note the agility in your delivery and mention them in bullets points. Take a birds eye-view on how these situations had helped your organisation.

Please mention the escalations that you can recall and note how was it resolved. Point out all the innovative measures that were found during the process and the preventive measures taken to avoid it in future.

Address all the people who have mentored you in this year. How many ways have you learnt from whom and how did it help you in your work? Mention both direct and indirect benefits? Mention how many times have you mentored? Write in an agreement with your mentee, a detailed version of how your mentoring had brought functional results. Mention how this web of mentoring is helping the organisation.

Last but not the least, mention each and every error you made. Be honest and accept them all. Reflect, how each of them made your performance better and the measures you have taken to avoid them in future. Be grateful and mention the support that you received to correct your mistakes.

Let this note be an honest dialogue with yourself about every value that you have created at your work place. Acknowledge every support you received and how it helped you build.

Last but not the least, do include a note of gratitude to everyone who deserves it. Do it without holding any agenda on them. If you are grateful to a colleague you may otherwise may not like, please express it irrespective of your opinion.

Your review document is lot more than feedback during Performance Appraisal. Its your takeaway from work, irrespective of every hike you are offered. Wishing you all the best!

Nabomita Mazumdar
Nabomita is the Founder to She is the 100 Women Achiever Awardee, awarded by Government of India , Quoted on ForbesUS, one of the Top 20 HR Influencer in Social Media as declared by SHRM India and one among the Top 100 Technology Influencer in India. Connect with her on @nabomita_smiles , Facebook Page and Google+

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