An Ode to My Support System

Last updated 12 Jun 2014 . 3 min read

I’m at the airport, my suitcase on the trolley and a book in my hand. I’m next in line so I poke into my bag, grab the ticket printout and scrounge around for my wallet. Can’t find. Look again. Still can’t find. Panic begins to set in. So set the book aside and weed through the many things a woman’s bag holds. There’s no wallet in there. My flight takes off in an hour’s time and without my wallet (which has my ID proof), there’s no way I will be on it. Serious panic attack threatens.

I quickly make a call. “You left it where?” the voice asks. “Don’t worry, we’ll go get it,” she tells me. Twenty minutes later, a car powers in, the wallet is handed over, a quick hug given, and the vehicle zooms off. No “what were you thinking” or “how could you be so careless”, and no “thank you”. That, my friend, is friendship.

I was 1,000 km from home to meet up with my gal pals. We were meeting after long, but like in all good relationships, we picked up from where we had left off. The three-day trip was a blast – food forays, shopping expeditions, catching-up sessions, wine dinners and after-dinner wine, and lots more. I went back with a warm, fuzzy feeling, thankful that I had this handful of friends I could lean on.

As we get embroiled in the hurly burly of life, women – in a bid to make more time for the things they must do – often tend to cut back on things precious to them. It starts small. I gave up the monthly pedicure and the nightly reading habit. A friend of mine stopped watching plays; another decided she must spend time with family rather than attend her pottery class. Eventually, we start cutting back on time with people. The axe usually falls on our gal pals – the people who we have laughed, cried and grown up with. Because we know they’re there. And they won’t mind. I’ve done it; I’m sure you have too.

Whether or not I’m in touch with them on a regular basis, my girlfriends (you know who you are, people) are my lifesavers – they are stress-busters, confidantes and confidence boosters. They listen, talk, smile, wipe away tears, get drunk, help you get sober, offer advice, and make no judgments. They offer love, loyalty and support, with a huge smile at any hour of the day.

If you’ve been neglecting your friends, isn’t it time you made time for them?

When she’s not chasing her super-active toddler around the house, Supermom likes to write, cook, read and eat sweet somethings.


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