An Evening Of Slam Poetry

Published on 29 May 2017 . 3 min read

SHEROES hosted a poetry slam night surrounding the topic of intimate partner violence. The session saw ten poetic performances which capsulized the environment to that of solidarity and understanding.

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With swollen hearts and teary eyes the audience ushered the poets, who had through the medium of prose had vocalized feelings that would’ve been caught inside their souls to a group of people relating to those words as they hummed through the air. The event was graced by a feeling of hope and strength, and love.

“The entire session was emotionally charged, a feeling of surreality floating in the air

This Saturday night , SHEROES hosted a poetry slam

The theme of the night was intimate poetry slam

There were men and women, some holding hands.

Some distant in ways the oceans are from abyss to shore

The poetry session saw an uproar of poets

Using their words like swords in the battlefield of abuse.

Their bruises shined a crimson red, dripping out the centuries long of battles

They had fought inside themselves to stay quiet.

Until they stood there in a dimly lit conference room

In front of bunch of strangers who would witness their lifes hardest battles

Only to never see them again.

They stood there remembering people who left bruises for memoirs

They stood there in strength and hope

In pain and in love,

In an oblivion of a feeling that didn't sink too deep in the darkest pits of their hearts.

Both women and men alike holding their mikes

Their voices immediate yet singing a truth of hurt

Well atleast gender doesn't hold up a higher card against abuse.

Hand in hand with eyes moist

The slam ended in a hope for another one,

The group of strangers closer to each other than they'd feel with their own self."


That’s the slam poetry event for you in words of a poet. Stay tuned to SHEROES for more such exciting events and next time make sure you are part of such enriching experience.


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