5 Things To Catch up With This Weekend

Published on 25 Sep 2015 . 2 min read

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Are you always pressed for time? Is it tough trying to balance both the home and work front? Is Sunday the only day that you get time to focus on other things like the home, the family, yourself? Maybe these simple hacks will help make your Sunday better!

Do Two Things at Once

Women are known for their multi-tasking capabilities! Use it to your advantage! For instance, if you want to try out a new recipe and help your child with school work, plan your tasks well! Put the ingredients to cook while you settle down at the table to get some school work done. It’s like you’ll have the best of both world’s…

For your home care needs

Is Sunday the only other day you get to focus on that extra bit of housework that you just can’t get done during the busy week? Is it the pending cleaning of the ceiling fans that’s bugging you? Or the window sills that need urgent attention? Don’t fret! Try to make a list of all the home pending tasks and divide them week wise! Block each upcoming Sunday for a particular task at a time. That way, you can use your Sundays to finish a chore and to relax!

Overdue Children’s Projects

Has your child been struggling endlessly to complete a project for his Geography class? Divide your Sunday into parts. Try to use few hours of the day (maybe up to 2 hours) to do house work if any and 2 hours to help your child with overdue or difficult school work.

Catch up, socially!

All work and no play… well we’ve had that before. Use your Sunday for things you find it hard to make time for during the week. Did you miss the latest movie release? Do you want to try out that new eatery? Get the family together and head out for a simple, quick and quiet dinner…v

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