Career Tips For Young Women Joining Workforce

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As founder of MeraCareerGuide.Com, I end up spending numerous hours with students of various age groups hearing their career ambitions and aspirations. Of all, I enjoy most talking to young girls who are planning and preparing for their first job. I beam seeing their enthusiasm and ambition. Here are some career tips for young women joining the workforce.

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# Career Tip 1  

Reach Out for Help: 

First & foremost never feel hesitant to seek help from your associates or colleagues.  Reaching out for help is the first step towards being confident, networking and expanding your circles.  Often we shun taking add-on responsibilities as we are too afraid to ask for help required to accomplish the task.

# Career Tip 2

Work Experience is the Key:

Quiz yourself – Do you attend workshops & seminars which interests you? 

Have you taken initiative to find internship irrespective of credits/units to be added in CGPA?

Did you enrol in that online course to learn a new skill? 

How many different experience/exposure your CV reflects?

Yes, these are questions, which you need to ask and if the answer is not affirmative, it’s time you gear up.  I have been taking summer jobs since my grade 10th.  I ensured during my grad years every semester I attend a minimum of 10 workshops/guest lecturers/seminars. I have done handwriting analysis to waste management workshops to StartUp  B- plans to community management to drama workshops.  It was not only fun but it filled in for many questions for my first job interview.

# Career Tip 3

Dress as you Like:

There are a whole bunch of articles floating around  ‘ Dress for Success’ ,  ‘Dress Professionally’ , ‘How Clothing Choice affect how people view you’ etc etc.  All sounds good in news articles and blogs. Reality is in a career it’s your expertise, your performance, responsible attitude and ambition that takes precedence.   Dress comfortably, dress as you like - your appearance and dressing do not matter more than your expertise!

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# Career Tip 4

Network, Network & Network:

I have met some amazing folks because of networking.  I met the co-founder of  MeraCareerGuide in a networking dinner and we clicked and started a company together. My fundraising effort was all result of networking and my mentors are ones whom I met during networking events.

 If you are ambitious and career conscious, you should spend more of your time figuring out how you can build your own network.  Be part of college clubs, societies, alumni club. Be active on LinkedIn with an updated profile. Write to people who are like-minded and attend “Meet Ups” to meet more like-minded.

Have a network around you, whom you can reach out, seek guidance, share and learn. 

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Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra is an entrepreneur who is utilizing creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute India’s biggest online career exploration platform for students by the name MeraCareerGuide.Com Her engineering degree brings in a strong tech understanding, where as her passion for education and counselling brings her close to the venture: MeraCareerGuide.Com. Translating her passion into a business where every student can have access to right information and guidance is what she dreams of. She is a task focused leader and a coordinator.

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