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When was the last time you went for salary negotiation or the appraisal process. Not long back. Salary negotiations are inevitable for most of us, either as employers or employees. These negotiations have significant impact in both our personal and professional growth. We face challenges in our lives and push our boundaries to achieve our potential. We evolve to survive. A crucial part of evolution is negotiations. Negotiation is an inevitable part of our life, and a skill essential to grow. In this course by Sunstone Business School, learn how to uncover negotiations concepts while applying them to salary negotiations situations, and learn how to make salary negotiations a win-win for both employers and employees.

How it works

Approx 15-16 hours of work spread over the following:
-Study material: 4 hours
-Recordings:2 hours
-Class discussions/forum participation: 10 hours

The primary mode of delivery is the course portal for which you all will have the access.

Key Content

In this unit we will uncover strategies that will help create win-win opportunities for both employers and employees.
1) Prepare for salary negotiations and uncover common biases and pitfalls in the process
2) Use integrative approach to salary negotiations to come with win-win options
3) Objectively determine the value added to the company and compute the salary one can demand
4) Understand employer’s BATNA and your BATNA

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